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Our Goals and Vision

University College is a place where human potential is transformed into academic excellence. We seek to find the unique individual strengths of students, in a way that goes well beyond test scores and achievements. We believe that learning should be deep, engaging the whole person and making connections between rigorous academic study and the obligations of educated citizenship. We also believe that this deep and engaged learning should connect the many ways of thinking found in the university’s array of academic disciplines, inviting students to be part of the great conversations that have shaped our world. We seek to become a place where students can find the levels of academic challenge, support, and enrichment that will lead them to achieve true excellence.

Our Mission

University College is a student-centered undergraduate college that advances UNC’s goal of transformative education by providing rich interdisciplinary academic programs, undergraduate research opportunities, professional academic support, and a climate of pedagogical innovation. Informed by the values of justice, excellence, collaboration, and transformation, University College seeks to be an exemplar of the teaching and learning required to produce citizen-scholars for the 21st century.

Our Core Values


University College is rooted in the belief that the task of education is one of justice, specifically, of giving to each student the educational experience and academic support appropriate to him or her. Our discourse is always informed by the question “What is the right thing to do?” in relation to the varied interests, aptitudes, passions, and needs of the students whom we teach and support. Related to this value of justice, we believe in respecting, valuing, and honoring the many kinds of diversity present in our community of learners.



University College is a community that strives to embody excellence in all that we do. We call all the members of our college—students, faculty, and staff—to reach beyond customary expectations and to do exemplary work. We believe that by holding one another accountable to the highest professional and academic standards, each of us can achieve distinction. Excellence in University College translates into fully realizing one’s academic and professional potential.


University College exists to serve the entire university; it is in our nature to work collaboratively with other colleges and units within UNC. The theme of “connection,” so important to all of our undertakings, extends as well to our working relationships with faculty and staff from across the university. We are committed not only to working with others, but to including their voices as we plan the way forward.



University College, believes passionately in the power of higher education to transform lives. The experience of deep, connected learning in a supportive community should impart not merely a set of skills and a body of knowledge, but a new and transformed vision of oneself and one’s place in the world. The purpose of learning is not merely learning, but living—in a way that has been permanently and irrevocably influenced by the college experience. We are committed to UNC’s vision of transformative education, and seek to be an exemplar of its power through the lives of the students we serve.