Didactic (Classroom) Education

Overview & Philosophy

Required Coursework

Sample Four Year Plan

Overview & Philopsophy

Education is an active and reciprocal process by which the student constructs an education by consuming, organizing, and applying information and experiences made available to them. It is not something that can be given to a student. In other words, a student will only get out of their didactic education, what they put into it.

The only way to succeed in this program is for a student to take control of his/her education and to take advantage of every educational opportunity to learn and improve. All instructors involved in the ATP go to great lengths to provide students with the most current and comprehensive educational materials. However, it is the student, and only the student, who controls their educational success.

To the same extent, this didactic education is of no value to the student without a clinical correlation. Students cannot become good practitioners with only exposure to ideas and concepts. Those ideas and concepts must be experienced clinically and practically in order to cement them into learning.

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Required Coursework

Required Major Credits - 71 hours

  • SES 220 Anatomical Kinesiology (4)
  • SES 281 Introduction to Athletic Training (4)
  • SES 322 Exercise Physiology I (3)
  • SES 323 Motor Learning and Development (3)
  • SES 324 Exercise Physiology II (3)
  • SES 331 Biomechanics (3)
  • SES 333 Psychological Analysis of Sports Exercise and Physical Activity (3)
  • SES 381 Clinical Practicum in Athletic Training Level I (3)
  • SES 382 Clinical Practicum in Athletic Training Level II (3)
  • SES 383 Clinical Practicum in Athletic Training Level III (3)
  • SES 480 Advanced Functional Assessment of Strength and Conditioning (3)
  • SES 481 Clinical Practicum in Athletic Training Level IV (3)
  • SES 482 Clinical Practicum in Athletic Training Level V (3)
  • SES 485 Mechanisms and Evaluation of Sports Injury (5)
  • SES 486 Clinical Methods of Sports Injury Rehabilitation (4)
  • SES 487 Therapeutic Modalities (3)
  • SES 488 Athletic Training Administration (3)
  • SES 489 Medical Conditions (3)
  • FND 210 Medical Terminology (2)
  • FND 455 Nutrition for Fitness and Athletic Performance (3)

Complete BOTH:

  • BIO 245 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology (4)
  • BIO 246 Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology (3)

OR, Complete BOTH:

  • BIO 341 Human Anatomy (3)
  • BIO 350 Human Physiology (4)


Required LAC Credits - 18 hours
LAC area 2 — Mathematics:

  • STAT 150 Introduction to Statistical Analysis (3)

LAC area 5.c. — Human Behavior and Social Systems:

  • PSY 120 Principles of Psychology (3)

LAC area 6 — Physical and Life Sciences:

  • BIO 101 Biological Perspectives (4)
  • FND 250 Principles of Nutrition (3)
  • PHYS 220 Introductory Physics I (5)

Remaining LAC - 22 hours

Elective University-Wide Credits - 9 hours

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Sample Four Year plan

This is a sample schedule and your specific course schedule is likely to be different.  See your advisor for help in putting together your individual plan of study.  The ATP is designed to be completed by full-time students in consecutive semesters.  Students who wish to deviate from the usual sequence must first petition both their advisor and the ATP Program Director and submit a written plan that outlines, in detail, the manner in which they will complete the program.  Petitions will be reviewed and considered, but no guarantee of approval is made for atypical plans of study.

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