Volunteer for GOAL

students walking

GOAL is currently seeking social mentors, wellness mentors, and academic tutors! 

Interested in joining our team as a peer mentor? Contact James Slaughter to schedule a meeting! 

Academic Tutors

Support GOAL students outside of their traditional courses during individual or group study sessions under supervision of Academic Coordinator. You coordinate the place and time with GOAL student(s) and assist them in achieving academic excellence at UNC!

Social Mentors

Support GOAL students to become socially integrated into UNC's campus. Social Mentors assist in providing an authentic college experience at the University of Northern Colorado. You can attend events together, grab a bite to eat, or simply hang out!




Wellness Mentors

Support GOAL students by becoming a wellness mentor! You will model safe ways to exercise and build healthy lifestyle habits. Wellness mentors work out with students at the Campus Recreation Center, cook healthy meals, participate in club sports, attend group fitness classes, or going for a walk/hike/run/ride. Whatever suits your fancy!