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University Center DirectorJay Dinges

“The object of education is to prepare the youth to educate themselves throughout their lives”

-Robert Hutchins

Assistant Director of Conferences & Events Vacant



University Center Assistant to the Director

Business Manager Roger Stinar



Conference CoordinatorLucas Devlin



Conference CoordinatorLarry Johnson



Conference CoordinatorChelsea Coalwell



Registration and Billing Manager - Conference Services Deena McBain



Coordinator of Academic Scheduling and EventsAndrea Hall



Jodi HolmanEvent Planner


Event PlannerJean Moody



Event PlannerPamela Huss



Manager, Ticket OfficeVacant


  • Vacant - (970) 351-4640


Patricia RichardsAdministrative Specialist, Ticket Office



UC Operations and Technology ManagerBryan VanDriel


UC Operations SupervisorTeresa Steele

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved” -Charles F. Kettering

UC Operations Staff

(970) 351-2007

  • Derek Clark
  • Joe Horner
  • Richard Lookhart
  • Mary Rangal
  • Mark Ghesquire
  • Tim Estrick
  • Josh Olver