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Event Hours

Conference and Event Hours are Monday - Friday 7:30am to 5pm.

Events during nights and weekends, when the center does not have regular business hours are a special rate. Please call us for more information.

*Notice of Rental Fee Changes Effective Septmber 1st, 2014*

Please click on this link to view upcoming rental fees changes effective September 1st, 2014.


UNC meetings still receive free room rental as long as they are meeting during normal business hours, but will be charged for coffee service now.

Non-profits recieve a 25% discount on their total room and coffee charges.

No alcohol or animals permitted.


Room Rental Rates

  • One room for two hours or less - $100.00
  • One room for five hours or less - $150.00
  • One room for a full day - $275.00
  • Two rooms for two hours or less - $200.00
  • Two rooms for five hours or less - $300.00
  • Two rooms for a full day - $425.00


AvailableAV Equipment (no extra charge):

  • Laptop
  • RCB cords
  • Projector
  • Over-Head- Projector
  • Elmo
  • internet cords
  • TV cart
  • DVD player
  • VHS player

Xerox machine is available at a minimum charge.

Room Information

Download a PDF version of the First & Second Floor floor plans here or view below.

Room Dimensions Classroom Capacity
Copper Mountain Classroom (111) 32x29 Stadium Fixed Seating Seats 25-30
Monarch Classroom (107) 40x27 Seats 25-30
Monarch and Steamboat Classrooms 57.5x65 to 71x27 Tables/chairs 60-66 Chairs only 85-90
Steamboat Classroom (106) 30.5x25 to 31x27 Seats 25-30
Telluride Classroom (126) 24x17 Seats 16
Wolf Creek Classroom (124) 36.5x19 Seats 24
Crested Butte Conference Room (137) 19x20 12-14 Executive Seats Conference Phone
Vail Computer Lab (127) 52.5x23 25 Seats
Sol Vista Classroom 29x23 Seats 25-30
Silverton Classroom 33x23 Seats 25-30
Sol Vista and Silverton Classrooms 62x46 to 62x23 Tables/Chairs 60-66 Chairs only 85-90
Breckenridge Conference Room 29x24 24-26 Executive Seats Conference Phone
Winter Park Classroom 24x21 Seats 20-24 Floor to Ceiling Windows
1st Floor Advising Room (136) 16x16 Seats 2-5

First Floor - Floor Plan



  • Technology-enhanced Classrooms
  • 2 classrooms can be combined to create a 60-seat classroom
  • Teaching Computer Lab with 27 seats
  • 2 Conference Rooms
  • Wireless Internet
  • TV\DVD\VCR\Laptop portable unit (52” screen)
  • Exam\View Rooms
  • Patio with mountain views, barbeque grill and picnic table
  • Bike or running path around Equalizer Lake

Second Floor - Floor Plan


  • Technology-enhanced Classrooms
  • 2 classrooms can be combines to create a 60-seat classroom
  • Laptops, Projector, ELMO, and TV cart available upon request


Contact us for a list of local catering options. You will be responsible for ordering and paying for catering orders.



UNC Loveland Center at Centerra

2915 Rocky Mountain Avenue
Loveland, CO 80538
Map/Directions (pdf)