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Event Hours

Conference and Event Hours are Monday - Friday 7:30am to 5pm.

Events during nights and weekends, when the center does not have regular business hours are a special rate. Please call us for more information.

Room Rental Rates

  • One room for two hours or less - $100.00
  • One room for five hours or less - $150.00
  • One room for a full day - $275.00
  • Two rooms for two hours or less - $200.00
  • Two rooms for five hours or less - $300.00
  • Two rooms for a full day - $425.00

Included in Room Charge:

  • coffee
  • hot water
  • tea
  • sugar
  • cream
  • cups
  • bowls
  • napkins
  • plastic ware

AvailableAV Equipment (no extra charge):

  • Laptop
  • RCB cords
  • Projector
  • Over-Head- Projector
  • Elmo
  • internet cords
  • TV cart
  • DVD player
  • VHS player

Xerox machine is available at a minimum charge.

Room Information

Download a PDF version of the First & Second Floor floor plans here or view below.

Room Dimensions Classroom Capacity
Cooper Mountain Classroom (111) 32x29 Stadium Fixed Seating Seats 25-30
Monarch Classroom (107) 40x27 Seats 25-30
Monarch and Steamboat Classrooms 57.5x65 to 71x27 Tables/chairs 60-66 Chairs only 85-90
Steamboat Classroom (106) 30.5x25 to 31x27 Seats 25-30
Telluride Classroom (126) 24x17 Seats 16
Wolf Creek Classroom (124) 36.5x19 Seats 24
Keystone Conference Room (103) 20x13 12-14 Executive Seats Conference Phone
Crested Butte Conference Room (137) 19x20 12-14 Executive Seats Conference Phone
Vail Computer Lab (127) 52.5x23 25 Computers
Sol Vista Classroom 29x23 Seats 25-30
Silverton Classroom 33x23 Seats 25-30
Sol Vista and Silverton Classrooms 62x46 to 62x23 Tables/Chairs 60-66 Chairs only 85-90
Breckenridge Conference Room 29x24 24-26 Executive Seats Conference Phone
Winter Park Classroom 24x21 Seats 20-24 Floor to Ceiling Windows
2nd Floor Work Office 15x9 Seats 2-4
1st Floor Advising Room (136) 16x16 Seats 2-5

First Floor - Floor Plan



  • Technology-enhanced Classrooms
  • 2 classrooms can be combined to create a 60-seat classroom
  • Teaching Computer Lab with 27 seats
  • 2 Conference Rooms
  • Wireless Internet
  • TV\DVD\VCR\Laptop portable unit (52” screen)
  • Exam\View Rooms
  • Patio with mountain views, barbeque grill and picnic table
  • Bike or running path around Equalizer Lake

Second Floor - Floor Plan


  • Technology-enhanced Classrooms
  • 2 classrooms can be combines to create a 60-seat classroom
  • Laptops, Projector, ELMO, and TV cart available upon request


Contact us for a list of local catering options. You will be responsible for ordering and paying for catering orders.



UNC Loveland Center at Centerra

2915 Rocky Mountain Avenue
Loveland, CO 80538
Map/Directions (pdf)