Initial List of Leadership Characteristics

At the board’s retreat Sept. 15, trustees discussed an initial list of leadership characteristics and abilities they believe are important for UNC’s next president. This is not a final list, nor is it all-encompassing; it is intended to provide a starting point for broad discussion about what is needed from UNC’s next leader. After the board has the opportunity to consult with the campus members of the Search Committee on Sept. 26, there will be provide multiple opportunities for broad input on this list. It's being shared now to encourage campus to begin thinking about it.

INITIAL DRAFT—Leadership Characteristics and Job Description

  • Be knowledgeable about the higher education environment
  • Appreciate UNC’s unique strengths
  • Embrace innovation
  • Energize and inspire people
  • Eagerly engage students
  • Be a catalyst for collaborative action
  • Connect with the Greeley and Colorado communities
  • Build strong relationships with alumni, donors, legislators and policy makers
  • Possess big-picture financial acumen
  • Identify and obtain external funding