Credit for Workshops

classroom imageTeachers who register for TPS-UNC workshops can usually opt to receive UNC credit. For a full day workshop, one (1) graduate credit through UNC’s Office of Extended Studies will be offered at the cost of $55 and will require additional online work to be completed within 3-5 weeks of the workshop. For longer workshops, such as a 3-day Summer Institute, two graduate credits may be offered.

Specific details of the required assignments, along with a syllabus, will be provided in the workshop. You will need to submit a registration form online and will be billed later from the university.  Grades are awarded on a pass/fail basis (S/U).

Note: In the unlikely event you are not able to complete the credit requirements, you MUST officially drop the class by the drop date listed online. If not, you will receive a U/Unsatisfactory grade and will still owe the $55 registration fee.  For additional information about credit policies, please contact UNC’s Office of Extended Studies.

Calendar of Events


Those Were the Days at Centerra, July 22

We don't have fall dates confirmed yet but we have an Essentials Exploration and two special topics workshops planned- Ciphers, Codes, and Spies: Oh My! and Music: US History Through Sound and Meter