Credit for Workshops

classroom imageTeachers who register for TPS-UNC workshops can usually opt to receive UNC credit. For a full day workshop, one (1) graduate credit through UNC’s Office of Extended Studies will be offered at the cost of $60 and will require additional online work to be completed within 3-5 weeks of the workshop. For longer workshops, such as a 3-day Summer Institute, two graduate credits may be offered.

Specific details of the required assignments, along with a syllabus, will be provided in the workshop. You will need to submit a registration form online and will be billed later from the university.  Grades are awarded on a pass/fail basis (S/U).

Note: In the unlikely event you are not able to complete the credit requirements, you MUST officially drop the class by the drop date listed online. If not, you will receive a U/Unsatisfactory grade and will still owe the $60 registration fee.  For additional information about credit policies, please contact UNC’s Office of Extended Studies.

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Exploring Primary Sources through Geographic Thinking, April 18

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Essentials Exploration,
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