2014 Elementary Summer Institute, Exploring People and Culture

Experience three days of immersion into the Library of Congress online resources as you focus on using inquiry-based strategies to investigate the nature of primary sources, their significance for learning and instructional strategies for incorporating them into lessons. Explore people and cultures removed from our own and experience strategies that help students meet elementary standards.  Practice analysis of visuals, stories, maps, and types of cultural expressions and uncover change in historic through primary sources. Create classroom-ready primary source packets share ways to promote inquiry learning and critical thinking using informational texts with primary sources.

Select the appropriate day for an interactive agenda.

Day 1: What can Primary Sources Reveal about Cultures and Communities?

Day 2: How does my community fit in the bigger world?

Day 3: How are our culture and communities defined and communicated through stories and media?


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New resource: Book Backdrops developed by our summer institue participants.

Calendar of Events:

Coming this Fall 2015

Transforming America: America in the Gilded Age (Date to be announced soon)

Other offerings this fall will be Essentials Exploration and a Special Topics workhop focused on WWII