The Media and Propaganda: America at the End of the 19th Century

February 22, 2014, at UNC-Centerra—

Analyze propaganda and chart its impact on public opinion.  Find what some of America’s prominent writers thought of US actions in the Spanish-American War.  Use literacy-based strategies as you examine early films, photos, and newspaper accounts.


8:30 a.m.


Sign in; Introductions

Overview of today’s program – Advertise Upcoming Workshops

In-class assignment

Strategies: Close Reading, Analysis, Questioning

Activity: Music as an Introduction to the Spanish-American war

Classroom and computer lab


10 minute break

Strategies: Close Reading, Analysis, Writing from information text

Activity: The Spanish-American War via Motion Pictures: Spinning a Story with Thomas Edison


Strategies: Close Reading of multiple texts, Analysis, Text-dependent- hypothesis testing

Activity: Philippine-American War Political Cartoons

“The White Man’s Burden” poem analysis
In pairs—cartoon analysis


12:00-12:30 Lunch

Credit information and day’s assignment

Strategies: Close Reading, Analysis, Text-dependent- hypothesis testing

Activity: Reading Informational Texts

The Anti-Imperialist League documents

Move to computer lab

Introduction to Blackboard;

Intro Library of Congress sites

Strategies: Close Reading, Analysis, Text-dependent-hypothesis testing

Activity: Gallery Walk


Take a break as needed

Individual Work:

  • Introduction to applicable Library of Congress Sites
  • Finding primary sources, getting help and feedback from facilitators
  • Online collection tool and activity template

Everyone complete the workshop assignment.

3:30 – 4:00

Wrap up

Submit assignments

Share ideas from Workshop Activity

Evaluation, Certificates

Current News

New resource: Book Backdrops developed by our summer institue participants.

Calendar of Events:

Coming this Fall 2015

Transforming America: America in the Gilded Age (Date to be announced soon)

Other offerings this fall will be Essentials Exploration and a Special Topics workhop focused on WWII