Culture and Community


July 15th at UNC Loveland Campus at Centerra

Analyze maps, images, photographs, and other primary sources from the Library of Congress’ vast collection to discover activities that support curriculum focused on people, communities and culture for your elementary classroom.  Use literacy-based strategies as you examine early films, photos, and newspaper accounts, and learn how to incorporate primary sources into your Common Core lessons. 

Pre-requisite:  Essentials Exploration workshop.



Welcome to our TPS study of Cultures and Community.  In this workshop, we hope to show you activities which touch on intentional communities, unintentional communities, and organic communities.   In every community, the geography, the weather, the ethnicity of the settlers, and the politics of the era combined to create a unique culture.

In addition to finding alternate ways to incorporate the Library of Congress primary sources into your lessons, we also hope you find more and useful resources to help you in your teaching.




8:30 a.m.


Sign in; Introductions

Overview of today’s program

In-class assignment

Strategies:  Close Reading, Analysis, Questioning

Activity:  Sort-it-out activity—Native American Culture and Community

Classroom and Computer lab


10 minute break

Strategies:  Close Reading, Analysis, compare and contrast

Activity: Mapping my spot or special place

LOC Lesson, Local History: Mapping My Spot

Computer lab and classroom

Strategies:  Close Reading of multiple texts, Analysis

Activity: Textmapping and Helen Keller letter/ Cultural exploration


12:00-12:30 Lunch

Credit information and day’s assignment



Strategies:  Close Reading, Analysis, Text-dependent- hypothesis testing

Activity: The Japanese Internment and Community


Strategies:  Close Reading, Analysis, Text-dependent-hypothesis testing

Activity: Exploring Intentional Communities

Computer lab and classroom

Take a break as needed

 Individual Work:

Everyone complete the workshop assignment.

3:30 – 4:00

Wrap up


Current News

New resource: Book Backdrops developed by our summer institue participants.

Calendar of Events:

Coming this Fall 2015

Transforming America: America in the Gilded Age (Date to be announced soon)

Other offerings this fall will be Essentials Exploration and a Special Topics workhop focused on WWII