Current Bear Hug Projects

Why should you volunteer?

  • It is the right thing to do.
  • It helps you learn about real children's lives.
  • You will become a better teacher.
  • You experience the rewards of giving.
  • You gain experiences that help you become a better teacher.

As a college student, you are already enjoying privileges many people do not have. I know you feel poor and overworked, yet there is always time to give back just a little.

Current Bear Hug Projects

Books for Burundi

Lauren Fortney, an Elementary Education, ESL student has joined the Books for Burundi project and will be travelling to Africa this summer with ICM to teach English. Read about the project & if you would like to help, contact Lauren to have your donated books picked up in Greeley, (Lauren Fortney at or 303-882-0556).You can also drop books off at the New South Hall front desk located on the Southeast side of West Campus.

'A Woman's Place' Support

Students are now collecting donations for A Woman's Place, a domestic violence shelter in Greeley. The staff of the shelter have provided a "wish list" of items desperately needed by the clients at the shelter. In addition there is the opportunity for students to offer volunteer hours working at the shelter. For more information about donations or volunteering please contact Dr. Susan Thompson.

Upward Bound is looking for Tutors

See the flier

Homework Help Center at the Centennial Park Branch Library needs UNC volunteers.

Volunteers are needed to help kids of grades 5-12 with homework in all areas, especially math and reading. Time commitment includes attending orientation and training sessions (probably in one day), and at least one 2-hour shift for the entire semester. The shifts go 3:30-5:30 on M,T,W,R, and 5:30-7:30 PM M, T, W at the Centennial Park Library. Interested? Contact Dr. Kathleen O.Neil.

Greeley/Evans Alternative Program - GAP

GAP is a “last chance” program within Greeley-Evans School District 6, that offers one more opportunity for students to earn a diploma. The program is open from 9:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.  The program needs are 2-fold : 

  1. Tutoring during our school hours. They have certified teachers hired to do most of this but a few more folks around would help kids remain more engaged and move forward more quickly with their credits.  (Also, words of encouragement from those in the college ranks can go a long way.)
  2. Grading papers.  Again, since everything is self paced and directed, they have some days when they get a “blizzard” of papers turned and it’s a little more than my part time staff can keep up with at times.  Fridays we do not have classes and use most of the day grading and recording student work.
  • Volunteer now by sending an e-mail to Mr. Dave Shaffer, Program Director, or call him 970-348-4909. Identify yourself as a Bear Hug volunteer from UNC. We will also look for a UNC faculty to help with the project.

Intensive Reading Program at Cottonwood Plains Elementary in Fort Collins

  • If you could devote even an hour a week to Intensive Reading it would help greatly to children in need. Contact Cathy Schaefer, Intensive Reading Site Coordinator at 970-613-5925. Identify yourself as a Bear Hug volunteer from UNC. We will also look for a UNC faculty to help with the project.

WCYA Mentors and Friends

WCYA Mentors and Friends has many possibilities for our students to get connected with the community and the youth.  Please see the website or call 351-0700/0701