Secondary PTEP Placement Requests

Request for Placement Survey Link: Fall 2014

**Before requesting placement, please learn about the Secondary PTEP Partner Schools


  1. Berthoud High School (Berthoud)
  2. Brentwood Middle School (Greeley)
  3. Bill Reed Middle School (Loveland)
  4. Chappelow Magnet School / /
  5. Conrad Ball Middle School (Loveland)
  6. Dayspring Christian Academy (Greeley) htp:// /  
  7. Eaton High School
  8. Eaton Middle School
  9. Ferguson High School (Loveland)
  10. Franklin Middle School (Greeley)
  11. Frontier Academy High School (Greeley)
  12. Frontier Academy Middle School (Greeley)
  13. Greeley Central H.S. (Greeley)
  14. Greeley West H.S. (Greeley)
  15. Heath Middle School (Greeley)
  16. Highland High School (Ault)
  17. Highland Middle School (Ault)
  18. Jefferson High School (Greeley)
  19. John Evans Middle School (Greeley)
  20. Loveland High School (Loveland)
  21. Lucile Erwin M.S. (Loveland)
  22. Milliken Middle School
  23. Mountain View H.S. (Loveland)
  24. North Valley Middle School
  25. Northridge H.S. (Greeley)
  26. Platte Valley HS (Kersey)
  27. Platte Valley Middle School (Kersey )
  28. Roosevelt H.S. (Johnstown)
  29. Severance Middle School (Severance)
  30. South Valley Middle School
  31. Union Colony Prep H.S. <Charter> (Greeley)
  32. University Schools (MS/HS) <Charter> (Greeley)
  33. Valley High School
  34. Weld Central High School
  35. Weld Central Middle School
  36. Windsor High School
  37. Windsor Middle School

When ready, fill out the survey (link above) completely-when the survey is finished you will see a confirmation page. Print this page to include in your checkpoint packet! You will receive an e-mail confirmation when you're placed in a school.


  • February 15 - March 15 for next Fall placements, and
  • September 15 - October 15 for next Spring placements

Deadlines are for the online placement request ONLY, not the Check Point Course Packets

Planning on taking any of these courses?

Do this in the semester before
STEP 161 Take EDFE 110 AND complete the on-line request for placement (bottom of the page) by deadlines above
STEP 262 Complete the on-line request for placement (bottom of the page)
STEP 363 Take EDFE 120 AND complete the on-line request for placement (bottom of the page)
STEP 464 Take EDFE 130 AND complete the online request placement form (accessible through Blackboard)

STEP 363 Work Sample Guidelines and Work Sample Worksheet (Right-click and Save As)


Program Coordinator Dr. Middleton

Program Secretary Karon Long

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