Michael Opitz

Former elementary school teacher and reading specialist, Dr. Michael F. Opitz is a professor of reading at the University of Northern Colorado.  He is the author and coauthor of several books including Do-able Differentiation: Varying Texts, Supports and Groups to Reach Readers (Heinemann, 2008), Don’t Speed! Read! 12 Steps for Smart and Sensible Fluency instruction (Scholastic, 2007), Diagnosis and Improvement of Reading Instruction, 5th ed. (Allyn & Bacon, 2007), Books and Beyond: New Ways to Reach Readers (Heinemann, 2006) Listen Hear! 25 Ways to Enhance Listening Comprehension (Heinemann, 2005), Reaching Readers: Flexible and Innovative Strategies for Guided Reading (Heinemann, 2001), Rhymes and Reasons:  Literature and Language Play for Phonological Awareness (Heinemann, 2000), Good-bye Round Robin (Heinemann, 1998), Flexible Grouping in Reading (Scholastic, 1998), and Literacy Instruction for Culturally and linguistically Diverse Students (International Reading Association, 1998). He is also an author of Literacy By Design (Rigby, 2008), a supplemental literacy program, Intervention by Design) (Rigby, 2009), an intervention program tailored to children who need additional help with reading, Summer Success Reading (Great Source, 2007), a reading program designed to help children who need additional help with reading as well as Afterschool Achiever’s Reading Club (Great Source, 2003). Michael is also a contributing author of the revised Daybooks, grades 3-5 (Great Source, 2008). Michael’s articles appear in professional and trade journals.

Michael works in selected classrooms in the US and abroad planning, teaching and evaluating demonstration lessons focused on different aspects of literacy.  He provides inservice and staff development sessions, serves as a consultant, and presents at state and international conferences.

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