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Information for Teacher Candidate Supervisors

If you would like to become a university supervisor of teacher candidates, please apply to be in our hiring pool.

Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified if you qualify.

Dear UNC full time and part time faculty serving as field supervisors in student teaching courses. The School of Teacher Education highly values your service, and we wish to make your and your students' experience even more effective and fulfilling. Below are some UNC policies on student teaching supervision, and we welcome any suggestions you may have. Help us develop resources for new supervisors.

FORMS for Current Supervisors:

Mileage reimbursement process has changed again because of the new requirements by the Financial Services. Right-click on this form, select "Save As." Use your last name as the name of the file, and save on your computer. Complete the form, and e-mail the excel document to The document should be submitted by the 10th of the following month. This is due to a state law that allows them to tax your mileage if the reimbursement is later than 45 days. Your mileage will be processed within 5 business days.

  • Use this form only for in-state travel, related to field supervision of UNC students in School of Teacher Education classes (EDEC, EDEL, EDFE, STEP), all field experiences, including student teaching.
  • Calculate miles from home or from UNC, whichever distance is shorter. Please try to combine trips whenever possible.
  • If you visited students from more than one program, simply alternate the primary purpose for the next trip to the same destination.
  • To reimburse the cost of copying and postage, mail or bring all receipts to STE office at the end of each semester. On the back of each receipt, write which program this was used for. Make sure your name is on the envelope.

Part-time Faculty

If you are interested in working for the School of Teacher Education at the University of Northern Colorado, please complete the on-line application. We will contact you should a teaching opportunity in your area of interest become available. We will not share your information with anyone outside of the University.

Adjunct Faculty Resources


Adjunct Faculty Handbook

STE Adjunct Faculty Additional Policies:

STE Mentors/Lead Professors will work with new adjuncts regarding the following information:

  1. Include a chart with each course number and lead professor’s name and contact info (email, phone, office hours, etc.)
  2. A statement clarifying adjunct’s role at UNC overall – invitation to attend faculty meetings (as non-voting members), college events, etc. (rationale: adjunct faculty members are not always sure what their role at UNC is, if they are welcome to attend meetings, etc.)
  3. Adjunct faculty members who are teaching a course for the first time should meet with lead professor prior to start of the semester if adjunct decides to change syllabus, assignments, or textbooks. Changes are contingent on approval by lead professor.
  4. Adjunct faculty should contact the lead professor prior to the start of class (ideally 2 weeks in advance) and arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss the course. Once the semester begins, adjunct faculty members are required to send a brief email update to lead professor at least twice a month with updates, questions, etc. 
  5. Each new adjunct professor may be observed by the lead professor or program coordinator at least one time during the semester.
  6. Each adjunct faculty member should be familiar with professional dispositions rubric and learn when and how to use instrument to flag students.
  7. Each lead professor may request a “master” shell for the designated course if desired in order to share materials, lectures, etc. as appropriate.

Directors and Coordinators

  • If you need a new part time instructor, contact Karon Long for data on applicants interested in teaching for your area.
  • Use this form to initiate hiring of a new part time instructor.

Name Email Area Mckee Office Number Phone Number
Berg, Maggie Email Reading 276 970-351-2714
Creasy, Kim Email Elementary Education Program Coordinator 213C 970-351-1871
Erekson, Jim Email Reading Coordinator 314 970-351-1756
Fertig, Gary Email Elementary/MAT Coordinator 270 970-351-2440
Griggs, Thomas Email Bi-Lingual/ESL 259 970-351-1573
W. Haefeli, John Email PB K-12/Secondary Coordinator 286 970-351-1842
Harding, Jenni Email MAT: Elementary licensure Coordinator 281 970-351-1029
Huang, Jingzi (Ginny) Email CEBS Assoc. Dean/STE Director 208 970-351-2546
Kang, Hannah Email Elementary Math 274 970-351-2760
Kim, Youb Email Reading 311 970-351-1345
Ku, Heng Yu Email Professor of Teacher Education 213F 970-351-2935
Lawrence, Jody Email Elementary PTEP Coordinator 279 970-351-2317
Leon, Linda Email Reading 313 970-351-2566
Luce, Courtney Email Secondary PTEP Coordinator 273 970-351-2912
Mahovsky, Kim Email Elementary Math 275 970-351-3320
Middleton, Valerie Email Foundations 283 970-351-2728
Milian, Madeline Email Bilingual/ESL 268 970-351-1683
McConnell Moroye, Christine Email Foundations, PB Secondary Coordinator 285 970-351-2438
O'Neil, Kathleen Email Elementary/Early Childhood 277 970-351-2035
Rose, Brian Email Assistant Professor of Teacher Education 266 970-351-4408
Thompson, Susan Email Early Childhood PTEP Coordinator 280 970-351-2070
Walker, Dana Email Bilingual ESL 2720 970-351-2720
Williams, Mia Kim Email Education Technology and Foundations 2414 970-351-2414
Youngs, Suzette Email Reading 2413 970-351-2413