Quaylan Allen

Quaylan Allen is new faculty in the School of Teacher Education. Professor Allen taught five years at Arizona State University (ASU) before coming to the University of Northern Colorado where he educates students in sociological explanations of the purpose of schooling and philosophical approaches to teaching. His courses aim to provide students with the theoretical tools necessary to understand the connections between schools and larger sociocultural, sociopolitical, and socioeconomic phenomena.

He is currently completing his Ph.D. from the Mary Lou Fulton College of Education at ASU in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, specializing in Social and Philosophical Foundations. He is ABD and his dissertation project focuses on the sociocultural experiences of African-American middle-class boys in secondary education and the construction of Black masculinity.

Prior to entering the doctoral program, Quaylan received his B.S.  from California State University, Sacramento in Marketing. He then left the business world and returned to education where he received his M.Ed. from ASU in Higher and Postsecondary Education. His general research interests include sociology of education, urban education policy, Black education, gender studies, and visual studies. 

Quaylan spends the very little spare time he has running, searching for underground music artists, and creating short films. He currently resides in Greeley with his wife, dog, and soon-to-be newborn baby.









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