Educational Studies Ed.D.

The program is designed to accommodate both working adults and full-time graduate students. The Faculty in the School of Teacher Education is committed to providing high quality, flexible learning opportunities. New students are accepted on a year-around basis. Please make an appointment with Dr. Mia Williams before applying. Graduate assistantships are very limited, and we encourage all students to consider external sources of funding such as scholarships and grants.

The Priority Application Deadline for this program is December 1, 2014 for the Fall 2015 start date. Applications will not be accepted after February 15, 2015. Please feel free to apply now. If you are interested in taking courses prior to Fall 2015, please see the Student Information Form HERE. You are permitted to take up to 9 credit hours that will count toward your degree. Enrolling in courses does not guarantee admittance to the program. (If you are interested in the mostly-online program that begins Summer 2015, please visit

Degree Requirements – 64 credit hours
The Ed.D. in Educational Studies prepares candidates to understand the relationship among research, policy, and practice in education in order to contribute to improving educational systems. Candidates complete an educational studies core, a multidisciplinary cognate, a research core, and complete a dissertation.  The program prepares candidates to assume roles as university faculty members, educational leaders in school districts, as well as state and federal agencies, district level curriculum specialists, and assume leadership roles in non-profit and private sectors.

Educational Studies Core - 12 credit hours

  • EDF 670 Introduction to Research Literature (3)
  • EDF 685 Philosophical Foundations of Education (3)
  • EDF 700 Implementation & Evaluation of Curriculum (3), or EDF 790:  Supervised Practicum in College Teaching (3)
  • EDF 701 Doctoral Seminar (1), Take at least three times

Research Core - 12 credit hours
(Coursework completed previously may be substituted for related research courses, within limits allowed by Graduate School)

  • SRM 602 Statistical Methods I (3)
  • SRM 680 Intro to Qualitative Research (3)
  • Take two from among the following:
    • EDF 601 Discourse Analysis in Language and Literacy Research (3)
    • SRM 603 Statistacal Methods II (3)
    • SRM 641 Special Topics (1-4), with advisor consent
    • SRM 685 Educational Ethnography (3)
    • SRM 700 Advanced Research Methods (3)

Candidates complete a multidisciplinary cognate - 24 credit hours
A cognate must be multidisciplinary but scholarly coherent.   Candidates will design the cognate with the assistance of their program advisor.

Sample cognates:

  • Curriculum Studies in Secondary Education Settings
  • Curriculum Studies in Elementary Education Settings
  • Reading
  • Social Foundations of Education
  • Bilingual, Multicultural, and ESL Education
  • Educational Research Methods
  • Educational Reform

Dissertation – 16 credit hours

  • EDF 797 Doctoral Proposal Research (4)
  • EDF 799 Dissertation (1-12) (must complete 12 hours)

Other program requirements

  1. Scholarly paper requirement:  All doctoral students in this program will be required to complete and submit one publishable paper, prior to completing comprehensive
    examinations.  Other research endeavors prior to the dissertation are encouraged.
  2. Applicants for this degree must be evaluated by the School of Teacher Education and the Graduate School. An interview with the Program coordinator is required prior to admission.
  • Application information-The Priority Application Deadline for Summer and Fall start dates is the prior December 1. Applications will still be considered after that date, on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Questions? Contact Ed.D. Coordinator Dr. Christine Moroye phone 970-351-2438
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