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Please note that this is a joint program, and some courses are available at Aims Community College or other community colleges. For information about Aims courses, please see the Aims Catalogue.See the Statewide Early Childhood Articulation Agreement for students transferring from a community college.


The degree will provide an interdisciplinary liberal arts foundation for students who select the Early Childhood Education Professional Teacher Education Preparation  (PTEP) Program.  Developed collaboratively by faculty of the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) and Aims Community College, the program prepares students to teach children from birth through age 8.  Throughout their education, students participate in campus-based coursework and classroom-based experiences.  Upon graduation, students will be eligible to receive a teaching license which will allow them to direct an early childhood center, and teach in pre-K settings, and grades K-3 in a public school.

Adding Additional k-6 Licensure:

In most cases, Early Childhood Education graduates are eligible for the added K-6 endorsement, after taking and successfully passing the Praxis Test for Elementary Education.  Additional course work may or may not be required. For additional information, please see Vicky Stromberger.

To declare this major:

Declare BOTH

  • INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES B.A.: Early Childhood Education Emphasis major, and
  • Early Childhood Licensure program then,
  • Request that your bear mail be added to the Early Childhood list serve (click here for instructions)

Experiences in Classrooms:

The program provides continuous classroom experiences.  In community college classes, students will be involved in classrooms with children birth to age 5.  UNC classes will include experiences in school classrooms with children ages 5 through 8.  The last semester is a full-time student teaching experience in a K-3 classroom.

Program Checkpoints

  • EDFE 110 (0) Provisional Admittance to PTEP. Must be taken in the semester before EDEC 360.
  • EDFE 120 (0) Full Admittance to PTEP. Must be taken in the semester before placement for a 2-week practicum experience.
  • EDFE 130 (0) Application to Student Teaching. Must be taken in the semester before Student Teaching.

Contact Us

Dr. Susan Thompson, Program Coordinator 970-351-2070


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