UNC Diverse Field Experience Requirement

Effective Spring 2009, UNC’s College of Education and Behavioral Science and Professional Education Council require all students to fulfill the Diverse Field Experience requirement. No passing grade may be issued for the respective class without fulfilling the requirement.

Students: Please consider the requirement before requesting a placement. Complete the Diverse Field Experience form before the end of the third week of the final student teaching and have your UNC Supervisor approve and sign it.

All students taking one of the following courses must complete the form in order to pass the respective class:

  • EDEL 454, 444, 544
  • EDFE 555; STEP 464

Instructors: Review, verify, and sign the form; turn in the form to STE , McKee 216; it will become a part of the permanent licensure file. Do not pass students for the class without the valid, signed form.*


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