Program Coordinators

Undergraduate Programs
Early Childhood Education Dr. Susan Thompson
Elementary Education Dr. Kim Creasy
Secondary PTEP Courtney Luce
for content advisor see Secondary below
K-12 PTEP Dr. Christy Moroye
for content advisor see K-12 below
Graduate Programs
Ed.D. Educational Studies Dr. Christy Moroye
Ed.D. Educational Studies Online Program Dr. Christy Moroye
MAT: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Program Dr. Dana Walker
MAT: Curriculum Studies Dr. Christy Moroye
MAT: Elementary with Licensure Dr. Jennifer Harding
Dr. Gary Fertig
MAT: English Education Dr. Jeri Kraver
MA: Literacy Dr. Jim Erekson
Post Baccalaureate: Secondary and K-12 Mr. John W. Haefeli
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (CLD) Dr. Dana Walker
Certificate Programs
Graduate TESOL Certificate: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Dr. Dana Walker
Secondary PTEP Content Advisors
Secondary Content: Biology Dr. Robert Reinsvold
Secondary Content: Chemistry Dr. Richard Schwenz
Secondary Content: Earth Science Dr. William Hoyt
Secondary Content: English Dr. Jeri Kraver
Secondary Content: French Dr. Meitta Wagner-Heaston
Secondary Content: Geography Dr. Phil Klein
Secondary Content: German Dr. Meitta Wagner-Heaston
Secondary Content: History Dr. Fritz Fischer
Secondary Content: History
Post Baccalaureate
Dr. Fritz Fischer
Secondary Content: Mathematics Dr. Robert Powers
Secondary Content: Mathematics
Post Baccalaureate
Dr. William Blubaugh
Secondary Content: Physics Dr. Wendy Adams
Secondary Content: Physics
Post Baccalaureate
Dr. Wendy Adams
Secondary Content: Social Science Dr. David Aske
Secondary Content: Spanish Dr. John Ryan
Secondary Content: Theater Dr. Mary Schuttler
K-12 PTEP Content Advisors
K12 Content: Art Dr. Connie Stewart
K12 Content: Music Dr. Mark Montemayor
K12 Content: Sports and Exercise Science (physical education) Dr. Jennifer Krause