Checkpoint courses: Information for students and academic advisors

What are the checkpoint courses?


These zero-credit, pass-fail courses replace PTEP applications. You must register for these courses on Ursa. The courses will not cost anything, and will not apply to GPA. However, failure to pass courses in a timely manner will prevent students from registering for other courses and progressing through Teacher Education programs. Each course will run in the first 8 weeks of each semester. The Checkpoint Courses are:

  • EDFE 110 Initial PTEP Application (0).
  • EDFE 120 Full Admission to PTEP Application (0).
  • EDFE 125 Admission to PTEP Application, Post-baccalaureate (0).
  • EDFE 130 Student Teaching Application (0)

Who should take them and when?

Note: Many courses have checkpoint courses as prerequisites; please refer to the catalog.

Please click on your program below for specific checkpoint details: