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If you are interested in working for the School of Teacher Education at the University of Northern Colorado, please complete the on-line application. We will contact you should a teaching opportunity in your area of interest become available. We will not share your information with anyone outside of the University.

Adjunct Faculty Resources


Adjunct Faculty Handbook

STE Adjunct Faculty Additional Policies:

STE Mentors/Lead Professors will work with new adjuncts regarding the following information:

  1. Include a chart with each course number and lead professor’s name and contact info (email, phone, office hours, etc.)
  2. A statement clarifying adjunct’s role at UNC overall – invitation to attend faculty meetings (as non-voting members), college events, etc. (rationale: adjunct faculty members are not always sure what their role at UNC is, if they are welcome to attend meetings, etc.)
  3. Adjunct faculty members who are teaching a course for the first time should meet with lead professor prior to start of the semester if adjunct decides to change syllabus, assignments, or textbooks. Changes are contingent on approval by lead professor.
  4. Adjunct faculty should contact the lead professor prior to the start of class (ideally 2 weeks in advance) and arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss the course. Once the semester begins, adjunct faculty members are required to send a brief email update to lead professor at least twice a month with updates, questions, etc. 
  5. Each new adjunct professor may be observed by the lead professor or program coordinator at least one time during the semester.
  6. Each adjunct faculty member should be familiar with professional dispositions rubric and learn when and how to use instrument to flag students.
  7. Each lead professor may request a “master” shell for the designated course if desired in order to share materials, lectures, etc. as appropriate.

Directors and Coordinators

  • If you need a new part time instructor, contact Karon Long for data on applicants interested in teaching for your area.
  • Use this form to initiate hiring of a new part time instructor.
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