Secondary Program Checkpoints

When to take:

Who? What? Register on Ursa
Secondary, undergraduates EDFE 110 Semester BEFORE STEP 161
Request for Placement Semester BEFORE STEP 262
EDFE 120
Semester BEFORE STEP 363
EDFE 130 Semester BEFORE STEP 464

Course Requirements:

You must register for the appropriate course in Ursa. There will be one mandatory meeting for this class.

  • Students will need to bring a complete packet of documents (checklist for each checkpoint course can be printed from links below) to the STE office, McKee 216; between 8:00am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Incomplete or incorrectly filled out packets will not be accepted. PLEASE do not leave your packets on the counter or under the door.  If there are incorrect or missing documents, the entire packet will be returned to the student.  If the completed packet isn’t received by the STE Office by the indicated due date, an unsatisfactory grade will be issued. 
  • STE office staff will check all documents for accuracy while students wait. Please allow 10-15 minutes to submit the documents.
  • Once the documents are submitted and are found to be in good order, the student will receive a passing grade. However, if an error is discovered later, the grade will be changed to unsatisfactory.

EDFE 110

EDFE 110 Initial PTEP Application (0)


  • Fall: October 1
  • Spring: March 1
  • Summer: June 15
  1. Application Checklist, completed and signed by the student.
  2. Fingerprint card, signed by you and a police officer, with a money order for EXACTLY $39.50 payable to Colorado Bureau of Investigations. See fingerprint fair times. (The Fingerprint Fair is not available summer semester.) You may also complete the fingerprint card at your local police department; call them first for hours.You must use fingerprint cards provided by STE. Pick up cards in McKee 216. * If you already have fingerprints on file with CDE, print off and include the verification page. Read the Criminal Background Policy.
  3. Oath and Consent Form, signed by student
  4. Major content approval form, signed by Major Program Coordinator
  5. Education Requirements Candidate Acknowledgement signed by student.

EDFE 120

EDFE 120 Full Admission to PTEP (0)


  • Fall: October 1
  • Spring: March 1
  • Summer: June 15
  1. Application Checklist, completed and signed by the student.
  2. Proof of registration for PLACE or Praxis II Subject Assessments tests, OR signed Affidavit *NOTE: It is critical that you PRINT your test scores as soon as you receive them.  They are only available from the online test site for 45 days & you will be charged an additional fee to get them after that.  YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE PROOF OF PASSING YOUR TEST FOR YOUR NEXT CHECKPOINT!
  3. Major Content Approval Form, signed by major content advisor,

EDFE 130

*NOTE: If you are considering an out of state placement for student teaching, you must meet with Lynette Kerrigan prior to submitting your online Request for Placement.

EDFE 130 Student Teaching Application (0)


  • Fall: September 10
  • Spring: February 10
  1. Application Checklist, completed and signed by the student.
  2. PLACE or Praxis II Subject Assessment test results (either copies of test results OR a printout of the CDE's record) . (click on 'Educator Licensing Services, then click on 'check status of application & follow directions). You MUST turn in a copy of your scores EVEN if you have asked that they be sent to UNC.Note: CDE may have your test results BEFORE they come to you.You MUST PASS Place or Praxis in order to Student Teach!
  3. ALL students must click on this link Research schools/districts , PRIOR to completing the Qualtrics, on-line Student Teaching application request for placement.
  4. Evidence of completed on-line Request for placement (print 'thank you pg'at end of survey).You will access the on-line application through your EDFE 130 Blackboard shell.
  5. Major content approval form, signed by Major Program Coordinator
  6. An unofficial transcript showing you are enrolled in EDFE 130.
  7. Statement of Understanding for Student Teachers form, signed by teacher candidate.
  8. Oath & Consent form, signed by teacher candidate.



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