5 hours - 3.0 Cumulative UNC GPA Required


The semester before student teaching (EDEL 453 and EDEL 454), students complete the Literacy Practicum:  EDEL 445 Intermediate Literacy (3 cr.) and EDEL 446 Literacy Practicum (2 cr.).  SCED 475 Teaching Science in the Elementary School (3 cr.) is also highly recommended in addition to other courses (such as EDEL 450 Integrated Social Studies and Mathematics Methods).  Students are on campus two days per week (either M/W OR T/R) taking courses and doing the EDEL 446 Literacy Practicum on the other two days at a partner school from 8 am to 4 pm.  Students must enroll in the EDFE 120 checkpoint course and submit the Request for Placement survey the semester prior to the Literacy Block by the dates indicated on the STE website. Students should complete EDFE 120 and the Request for placement even if they do not have the required 3.0 cumulative GPA at the time of the request.  However, no student will be able to register for EDEL 445/446 without the prerequisite 3.0 GPA.

The purpose of the literacy practicum (EDEL 446) is for teacher candidates to grow more accustomed to classroom life.  Teacher candidates are assigned to one cooperating teacher for the duration of the placement. The student will spend two days per week (either M/W OR T/TH) for the entire 16 week semester.  Students will be evaluated at mid-semester and again at the end of the semester.  Upon the successful completion of the literacy practicum, students will be eligible to complete a full 16-week student teaching experience.  It is up to the cooperating teacher to best determine what responsibilities to give to the literacy practicum student! Some suggestions include:  working with small groups, read aloud, working one-on-one with students, observing, helping plan, etc.  The goal is to give students a more realistic experience in the classroom. 



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