Introduction to Becoming A Teacher

UNC offers the broadest array of education programs that lead to licensure in the State of Colorado and in other states around the country. We develop educators in various teaching fields, subject areas, and across a wide age range (preschool through high school). A teaching license is the official recognition by a state governmental agency that an individual has met state-mandated requirements and is approved to practice as a licensed educator in the state. At UNC, a student may obtain a teaching license at the undergraduate or graduate level. UNC also offers additional teaching endorsements for those who hold teacher licensure in Colorado and other states and countries.

Colorado legislation requires that, in order to become a licensed teacher, a student must graduate with a degree in a subject area (such as Math, English, Spanish, Interdisciplinary Studies, etc.) and complete our Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP).

  • License in Early Childhood Education (Birth - Grade 3) requires students to major in Interdisciplinary Studies Early Childhood (ISEC) and to complete the Early Childhood Professional Teacher Education Program. This degree program also includes courses that lead to Director Qualification, allowing teachers to direct a learning center.
  • License in Elementary Education (grades K-6) requires students to major in Interdisciplinary Studies Elementary Teaching (ISET) and to complete the Elementary Professional Teacher Education Program.
  • License in Secondary Education (grades 7-12) requires students to major in a subject area appropriate for a secondary teaching field (such as Math, History, English, Spanish, Science, etc.) and to complete the Secondary Professional Teacher Education Program.
  • License in K-12 Education (grades K-12) requires students to major in Art, Music, or Physical Education (PE) and to complete the K-12 Professional Teacher Education Program.
  • License in Special Education requires students to major in Special Education: K-12 Teaching Emphasis and to complete the requirements of the Special Education Professional Teacher Education Program.
  • f you have earned a degree from an accredited university and are seeking an initial teaching license, you will need to complete one of our Post Baccalaureate Licensure programs , which leads to licensure in Secondary Education, K-12 Education, or Special Education. If you are interested in Elementary Education, UNC offers licensure and Master of Arts in Teaching: Elementary Education Elementary Education (Master of Arts in Teaching:  Elementary Education with Licensure). Many of the Post Baccalaureate Licensure programs lead to a Master’s of Arts degree in the specified area.

If you have secured a teaching license and would like to add an endorsement in a different field of teaching, you may consider one of the following: Linguistically Diverse Education, Special Education, School Library, Principal Licensure, etc.

To pursue a higher degree in the field of education, we offer a variety of programs leading to a Master’s of Arts degree in the field of education or a degree of Doctor of Education (Ed.D).

Teachers and Students working inside at UNC Students studying inside at UNC