2015 - 2016 Elected Senate Members

Student Body President

The Student Body President acts as the official representative of Student Senate and is the chairperson at all meetings of Student Senate. The president does not have a vote except in the case of a tie. Student Body president also acts as the Director of Academic Affairs which means they represent students at Faculty Senate, numerous other academic committees, and review conference grant finding for undergraduate students.

Position held by: Bereket Abera, email: Bereket.Abera@unco.edu

Student Trustee

The Student Trustee acts as the student representative to the Board of Trustees of the University of Northern Colorado. The trustee is also the Chair of Clubs and Organizations meaning they are in charge of charting all student clubs on campus and running the Organizational Funding Board that gives funds for student club events.

Position held by: Brandon Miller, email: Brandon.Miller@unco.edu

Director of Student Affairs

The Director of Student Affairs acts as a coordinator of the student services for Student Senate. They are in charge of collecting and presenting any suggestions given by the student body, coordinating legislative programs on campus around student voting and civic engagement, and public relations for senate. Finally, they act as the liaison between the cultural centers and student senate.

Position held by: Joseph Mondragon, email: Joseph.Mondragon@unco.edu

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance acts as a budget officer for student senate and coordinates the Student Programming Allocation (SPA) process which gives funding to organizations on campus to hold new events for students, as well as the Information Technology Fund Allocation process which funds technology for student fee funded organizations of campus.

Position held by: Chuck Rasmussen Goodwin, email: developing

Student Rights Advocate

The Student Right's Advocate acts as both an AA/EO Facilitator to Student Senate, as well as a go to person for anyone having questions regarding services that both the Student Activities Office and the Dean of Student Office offers. The Student Rights Advocate acts as a neutral, non-voting representative of Student Judiciary and on Student Senate to ensure that all policies and procedures are not discriminatory on the basis of ethnicity, race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, or economic status.

Position held by: Tumaini Mporampora, email: Tumaini.Mporampora@unco.edu

Election Commissioner and Parliamentarian

The Election Commissioner and Parliamentarian acts as an unbiased member in charge of making sure meetings run according to Parliamentary procedure and record votes. They are also in charge of the Student Senate Election Process.

Position held by: Sara Beamish, email: Sara.Beamish@unco.edu

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant acts as an unbiased member of senate who records minutes at senate meetings, collects and disseminates senate documents, and supports other senate members with their duties and programs.

Position held by: Angelica Sena, email: Angelica.Sena@unco.edu

College Student Council Representatives

CSCs act as representatives of their various colleges. Each college receives one vote in the senate meetings and the CSCs all serve on a senate committee including the Student Affairs Committee, Academic Affairs Committee and Finance Committee.

Positions held by: update coming soon


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