Recently Passed Resolutions

What is a Student Senate Resolution?

Your Student Senate has the power to propose and pass resolutions regarding any issue deemed relevant to the student body. All Resolutions must be passed by a 2/3 vote of the Student Senate voting membership. There are two types of Resolutions: Standing and Time-Specific. Standing Resolutions are considered to be more proactive for, if passed with a 2/3 vote, are deemed significant enough to receive ongoing attention from each year’s elected representatives. Retraction of Standing Resolutions is possible by a 2/3 vote by Student Senate.

Time-Specific Resolutions only stand for the duration of that year’s administration of elected officials or if otherwise specified within the resolution itself. Time-Specific Resolutions are always on file but are not deemed “in-effect” after the conclusion of the academic year in which it was passed. Time-Specific Resolutions may be re-proposed as new legislation should any student and/or Student Senate member feel it important enough for reconsideration.

Resolutions, of any kind, may be brought before the Student Senate during any regular legislative session; and may be proposed by any student, group of students, or Student Senate member; voting or non-voting. An allotment of time may be requested to present background information pertaining to the nature of the resolution. This request must be made at the time of the resolution’s submission.

For information or questions, please email or call at 970-351-1344


None currently pending or proposed.


Resolution: 29:007 Green friendly or Green practices
Date: 03/04/09

Resolution: 29:002 Associated Students of Colorado and adopt ASC Resolutions #09-03
Date: 10/01/2008

Resolution: 29:004 Higher Education Access Alliance
Date: 10/22/2008

Resolution: 30:001 Mission Statement
Date: 09/23/2009

Resolution: 30:002 Greeley Police Department Recognition
Date: 10/14/2009

Resolution: 30:004 Support Policies
Date: 2/12/2010



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