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Student Rights and Appeals


Who is the Student Rights Advocate?

This year's Student Right's Advocate is Litsha Leeper. The position of Student Right's Advocate is to act as both an AA/EO Facilitator to the Student Senate, as well as a go to person for anyone having questions regarding services that both the Student Activities Office and the Dean of Student Office offers. The Student Rights Advocate acts as a neutral, non-voting representative of the Student Judiciary on Student Senate and various Student Senate committees.

Can Student Senate decisions be appealed?

Any student can request that a Student Senate decision be appealed. This includes issues related to club funding, club personnel issues, and Student Senate proposals and decisions.  The first step is to contact the Student Right's Advocate (see contact information below). The Student Rights Advocate's job is to assist students with complaints, grievances, and general inquiries on Student Senate processes. Although not all issues can be settled within student government, the Student Rights Advocate will help students find the appropriate resources.

What is the Student Judiciary?

The Student Judiciary will give students and student groups the ability to appeal almost any Student Senate decision. This includes funding issues, personnel issues, and any other appropriate complaint. The Student Judiciary will include five members of the Student Body, and each Judiciary's term is for "life" while at UNC.

Forms and Links

  • Appeal to Dean of Students form: All decisions of Student Senate can be appealed to the Dean of Students office. Please contact the AA/EO Facilitator for further information.
  • Bias response form: Any student who has experienced intolerance or hateful behavior on campus is encouraged explore the bias response form from the Dean of Students Office.
  • Student Handbook: Contains policies regarding student rights, academic appeals, student-faculty conflict, and discrimination.
  • Dean of Students Office Referral Guide: Helps students find the appropriate office or center at UNC to address concerns, questions, or needs.
  • Student Senate Forms Page: Contains more forms related to Student Senate.

For more information, please email the Student Rights Advocate, Tumaini Mporampora at Tumaini.Mporampora@unco.edu


Share your concerns with Student Senate: Student Senate Suggestion Box