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Outdoor Pursuits Trips Program

Who is eligible to go on a trip?

  • Any member of the UNC Community (student, faculty or staff) is eligible to go on a trip.  Almost all trips will have requirements on the size of the group, so early registration is encouraged!

How do I register for a trip?

  • Trip registration is taken at the Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop.  A valid UNC Bear ID Card is required upon registering.

What kinds of trips are offered?

  • Outdoor Pursuits offers a variety of trips, including:  white water rafting, hiking, climbing, snowshoeing, and camping.

Is there a fee for these trips?

  • All trips will have minimal fee to cover trip costs.

If I need to withdrawal from a trip, is there a refund policy?

  • In order to be refunded for your trip, we require at least 1 week notice  for cancellation on all trips.  This is because most campgrounds and hotels require a 1 week  notice for lodging, plus arrangements for food and equipment will have been made.

How physically demanding are these trips?

  • Trips will range from beginner to advanced.  Beginner trips require no previous knowledge or experience and will often be educational and skill-building.  Intermediate trips may require some physical abilities, but still may not require previous experience.  Advanced trips are meant for those who have previous experience and skills required for the trip.  All skill levels are listed in the trip description on-line.

What is included in the trip fee?

  • Depending on the trip, fees may cover:  a skilled trip-leader, food, travel, lodging and equipment.

Do the trips have requirements?

  • Upon registering for the trip, every person must:
    • Have a UNC Bear ID Card
    • Read and sign the Trip Waiver form
    • Pay the trip fees in full by:  cash, check, credit card or student-billing/payroll deduction.
  • After payment, all trip registrants must attend the Pre-Trip Meeting for more information.

Will someone tell me what I need to bring?

  • Yes.  At the Pre-Trip Meeting, the trip-leader will cover all details including:  how to pack and what to bring.

Who leads the trips?

  • Outdoor Pursuits provides a skilled trip-leader.  If the trips are in conjunction with a “trip company,” a trip-leader will still be provided to manage costs, registration, travel, etc.



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