Quality of Life

Student Activities Office

Which areas of campus stand to benefit from the Quality of Life Fee?

  • The Marcus Garvey Cultural Center, Native American Student Services, Asian/Pacific-American Student Services, the César Chávez Cultural Center, the International Film Series, Club Sports, the GLBTA Resource Office, the Student Activities Office, Greek Life, the Women's Resource Center, the University Program Council, Student Senate and UNC Student radio all stand to benefit from increased funding.

Why do these areas need increased funding?

  • In comparison to other, similar colleges and universities as well as CU-Boulder and CSU, these areas are extremely underfunded.

What could these areas accomplish with more funding?

  • Given that these areas are currently funded at very low levels any increase could mean the following:
    • Hiring full time staff members who can better support student needs
    • Expanded duties for Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students
    • Increased funding for students to attend regional, state and national conferences
    • Increased, educational, cultural, leadership and entertainment programming



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