Quality of Life

PVA Program

What will this funding provide?

  • A block of tickets set aside so UNC students can attend PVA events at no charge.  Also support for the very under-funded UNC Marching Band – the Pride of the Rockies

What will change about the PVA department if this act goes through?

  • We will be able to offer tickets to the greater campus population.

Why does PVA need increased funding?

  • Because most our performance are related to our degree programs, we have no outside funding sources to cover the costs of producing the events, which is why there is a ticket charge.  FY 2008-09 the ticket sales to students was $48,996.  We can’t offer free tickets without the support to replace those dollars.

Who will this additional funding benefit?  

  • UNC students, faculty and staff as well as the UNC Marching Band.

Will this increase involvement of students outside of the PVA department?  

  • We have had students all across campus tell us that once they attend a PVA event, they are truly amazed and feel proud to be a student at a University where the arts programs are so excellent.



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