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Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop

Where is the Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop?

  • The Outdoor Pursuits Equipment Shop is located on the West side entrance of Harrison Hall adjacent to the Campus Recreation Center.  The entrance to the Shop is located through the loading dock of Harrison Hall.  Two parking spaces are dedicated to Outdoor Pursuits.  The OP Equipment Shop shares space with the Bike Shop.

What does the Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop offer?

  • The Outdoor Pursuits Equipment Shop offers the UNC Community:  equipment rentals, equipment sales, and equipment servicing. 
  • Equipment rentals include:  winter gear ( snowboards, snowshoes and trekking poles) and Camping gear (tents, cook sets, backpacks and sleeping bags) 
  • Some items that will be available for sale include:  outdoor apparel, climbing chalk and bags, and camping accessories. 
  • The OP Equipment Shop also provides the UNC Community with some basic repairs to their own equipment, such as,  bikes and tents. 

How much does equipment cost to rent?

  • All equipment is FREE to rent!

How do I rent equipment?

  • Equipment reservations can be made either at the Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop or online at http://www.unco.edu/campusrec/outdoor_pursuits/form.asp. All rentals must be made in-person with your UNC Bear Card or online through your email.  Upon pick-up, the person who made the reservation must be present with their UNC Card.

Who can rent equipment?

  • Since this service is provided through university funding, the equipment rental service is available to the UNC Community only:  students, faculty and staff.

How long can I rent equipment?

  • The standard rental time is for a weekend.  Pick-up is available on Friday and returned on the following Monday.

How much equipment can I rent?

  • At this time we do not offer group rentals. We have a limited amount of equipment and want it available for individual rentals.

What happens if equipment is broken or lost during my rental?

  • All rented equipment is the responsibility of the person who rented it.  Any damages to equipment that require repair or replacement or any lost equipment will be at the renter’s expense.

Do I need to clean the equipment (such as camping gear) before I return it?

  • It is appreciated if equipment is returned dry and with little dirt as possible.  However, we do NOT want equipment washed by the renter.  All equipment is disinfected and maintained by the Gear Shop.

Is there a late fee policy?

  • To ensure timely returns, there are late fees assessed to all equipment.




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