Quality of Life

Counseling Center

What will this funding provide?

  • This funding will allow the counseling center to sustain and improve its current level of service to UNC students and our campus at large. The counseling center will no longer have co-payments for its individual, couples and group services.  When students come to the center for services, there will no longer be fees for therapy sessions.  This funding will also allow for a significant reduction in the psychiatrist service fee.

What will change about the Counseling Center department if this act goes through?  

  • This act will improve our staff to student ratio. The center will be able to fill vacant positions and add the necessary needed staff to provide service to our campus. It will also reduce financial barriers that often keep students from seeking the services they need. 

Why does the Counseling Center need increased funding?

  • The counseling center has not had base funding for the last 6-8 years due to state funding cuts which occurred in early 2000. Since this decrease the center has also experienced increased usage of services by students.  To meet the needs of students, and maintain the center’s current high quality of service, it is important we achieve the necessary staff to student ratio.

Will these funds improve the Counseling Centers services?

  • Yes. It will both sustain and improve the counseling center and the services it provides. This will provide the center and students with the resources to eliminate waitlists which will increase access to services. The funds will allow for an increase in the diversity of center staff and the breadth of the services provided.  In addition, providing an accredited APA training site will provide our Graduate students additional training opportunities.

Who will this additional funding benefit?

  • Our campus. Students are our number one priority. This act will increase access and allow for the center to continue providing prevention education and support to the campus at large. Each year, the center makes more than 5200 unique contacts with individuals on our campus. Through consultation, outreach, orientation and direct clinical service, we are able to connect with, and provide support to, students, staff and faculty. Our mission is to help students succeed academically and socially, and to equip them with tools for lifelong achievement. Additionally, the counseling center provides support and assistance for the safety of our campus.



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