Quality of Life

Campus Bike Program

What is the Campus Bike Program?

  • The UNC Campus Bike Program is funded through the Quality of Life Initiative and supplies campus with 100 unisex bikes that are free for the UNC Community to ride on-campus.

Where can I find the bikes?

  • Bike check-out is located at the Gear Shop in the West entrance of Harrison Hall adjacent to the Campus Recreation Center.

Where can I return the bikes?

  • Bikes must be returned to the Gear Shop before the due date.  A late fee will be assessed if the bike is late.

How do I access the bikes?  Are they locked?

  • All bike rentals are available at the Gear Shop.  Each rental comes with a helmet and U-lock for students to lock the bike at designated bike racks across campus.  (Do not lock a bike to anything other than a designated bike rack).

 Can I ride the bikes off-campus (to my house, to the store, etc.)?

  • No.  To ensure the fundamental nature of this program, these bikes must stay on-campus at all times.

What happens if something breaks on the bike or I get a flat tire?

  • The Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop will have a new Bike Shop created to maintain these bicycles.  Please contact the Gear Shop at 351-GEAR to report a damaged bike.

How do I report problems with a bike or the program?

  • Contact the Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop at 351-GEAR.

Where is the Bike Shop located?

  • The Bike Shop is located on the West side entrance of Harrison Hall adjacent to the Campus Recreation Center.  The entrance to the Shop is located through the loading dock of Harrison Hall.  Two parking spaces are dedicated to Outdoor Pursuits. 

Is the Bike Shop open to the public?

  • Since this service is provided through university funding, the Bike Shop is available to the UNC Community only:  students, faculty and staff.

What FREE services do you offer?

  • The Bike Shop will provide basic maintenance for free, such as:  alignments, oil, chain adjustments.  This Bike Shop staff also offers free advice for bike maintenance or upgrades.

What services do you offer for a fee?

  • The Bike Shop also provides these services/products for a fee:
    • Quick repairs
    • Tube inflation

Does the Bike Shop sell bikes or bike accessories?

  • The Bike Shop does not sell accessories at this time.

 Are there student-employment opportunities with the Bike Shop or Campus Bike Program?

  • Yes.  The Bike Shop will employ several students to maintain bicycles, provide customer service, and inventory the bikes around campus.

What are the Bike Shop’s hours of operation?

  • The bike shop will be open Monday and Friday 11am-6pm and Tuesday-Thursday 11am-5pm.




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