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Criteria for Awards

Advisor/Director of the Year

Advisors/directors fill so many roles on a college campus. They are teachers, mentors, and friends, they teach us and guide us and inspire us to strive to reach our full potential through their example. This individual is truly selfless, because they go beyond their job description and work for the betterment of students. This individual is dear to our hearts because he/she truly cares about the students they work with, and it shows in their work.

Faculty of the Year

This faculty member is both an educator and a mentor to students in and outside of the classroom. This individual works tirelessly to provide students with the highest quality of education, while imparting valuable life lessons to their students. We thank this faculty member for their excellence in every aspect of their profession.

Outstanding Cultural Center of the Year 2016-2017

The cultural centers enrich our campus community when they share their cultures. They provide solace and safety for students who may not otherwise feel represented on campus. They give a voice to minority students and encourage their potential. They are study spaces, celebration venues, and environments where students can feel appreciated and valued.


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