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Criteria for Awards

Excellence in Participation

Students with commendable participation have made a concerted effort to involve themselves in both the UNC community and greater Greeley area. Excellence in participation requires consistently stretching the bounds of one’s comfort zone, and engaging with communities of students both similar and dissimilar to the student in question. This student recognizes the value of involving themselves with a variety of organizations and events on campus for the development of their personal character, as well as for the impact student participation has on strengthening the campus community.

Excellence in Humor and Entertainment

A student receiving this award possesses incredible charisma and communication skills, as humor is a connector between people, and best when shared. This student livens and lightens the communities they engage in, and is able to bring together their peers with

Excellence in Making a Difference

The purpose of pursuing a higher education is to not only enrich the intellectual capacity of one’s mind, but to also discover one’s passions and learn how to channel the creative energy that stems from such passion into the greater good. A student that excels in making a difference is undoubtedly selfless and charitable, as impacting others requires prioritization over one’s own agenda. This student engaged with others in the campus community consistently and happily, and makes an impact through their positive attitude and behaviors.


Excellence in Encouraging Others and Self

A good student recognizes their own strengths, a great students recognizes and promotes others’ strengths. Highly effective leaders focus on building up members of an organization for the sake of an overall stronger body, and this student does exactly that. Kindness and genuine interest in the lives of others are two qualities this student exemplifies, and professors, mentors, and peers alike can testify to the impact this student has had on the campus community.

Excellence in Event Planning

Event planning is a highly undervalued skill. A student receiving this reward would possess excellent organizational and time management skills. Whether planning a banquet for 100’s of people, or scheduling an intimate luncheon for only a dozen students, each event requires strong focus and dedication from beginning to end. This student is also highly flexible and able to adapt in rapid changes in scheduling, budgets, etc. while effectively advocating for the interests of all involved parties.

Excellence in Team Leadership

A successful team requires intense collaborative effort, and no team can succeed without a leader. A student receiving this needs to official title or position to be an impactful leader, their actions speak for themselves, and they inspire their peers to strive to reach their full potential through their own example.


Excellence in Community Involvement and Service

Giving back to others is a selfless and worthy pursuit for a student to engage in. The student winning this award has invested a great deal of time and effort into the campus community as well as the surrounding community of Greeley in order to better improve their local and global societies. This student has a consistently positive attitude and is always willing to help those in need. This student takes initiative when they see an opportunity to aid others, and they are a dependable friend, classmate, and peer.

Excellence in Academics

This student illustrates all the positive effects of a college education. This student is no stranger to hard work and dedication to each and every academic endeavor they encounter. This student’s academic excellence is reflected in their grades, GPA, and class standing, but also their ability to apply their learning outside of the classroom to better enhance their daily lives and the lives of others.

Rookie of the Year

This student is a testament to the idea that there are no inhibiting factors to success. This student has continuously pushed themselves beyond their comfort zone to involve themselves with various organizations, events, and projects on campus. This student is inquisitive and has a genuine desire to learn from their more experienced peers and/or mentors.


Mr./Mrs. Cultural Gem (Mx.)

Often the people that shine the brightest are not those in center stage, but rather working behind-the-scenes. Mr. and Mrs. Cultural Gem show that their talents and potential are not hidden, but rather undiscovered. These individuals are extraordinary in their intrinsic motivation, and their work deserves to be recognized and appreciated for the value it has added to their organizations and the campus community in general. These individuals play an integral role in the success and betterment of their organizations, and their work ethic is truly commendable.


Nominate as a Faculty/Staff/Advisor