A Message from the Student Body President on Recent DACA Events

Dear Fellow Bears,

I am extremely disappointed at our federal government’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). This program has provided over 800,000 young immigrants with a chance and a dream here in the US. This country has been the only home some of our immigrant friends have ever known, and to deny them of their rights and resources here is to deny my fellow American. I cannot put myself in the shoes of these young individuals. If you are reading this message as a DACA student, I will not undervalue your feelings by attempting to do so; however, I know that you are hurting right now, and so am I. It is time for our university to do just what it has already pledged to do prior to the ending of this program, and that is support and protect our DACA students.

A common theme that you will see flourishing throughout our university offices is inclusivity. We must stand by our word in having and continuing to create an inclusive environment here at UNC. Recently, our University President Kay Norton and our Vice President for Campus Community and Climate Katrina Rodriguez released statements regarding the DACA situation. I stand by their commitment to bring a welcoming and inclusive environment that supports ALL students. Last year, President Norton joined over 600 college and university presidents in signing a public statement of support for DACA. In addition, our UNC Board of Trustees adopted a resolution supporting our DACA students. Now that the fate of our DACA students is uncertain, I expect and trust that our university will continue to uphold these commitments.

As students, we must also do our part. We must contact our representatives and strongly urge them to continue protecting DACA students. We will continue our unwavering support for DACA students here at Student Senate. You have my word that we will do everything we can to protect our fellow peers. We are representatives of all UNC students. Here at UNC we are a family. We may disagree on certain issues, but our commitment to making sure every student is provided with the necessary resources needed to succeed should not differ.

Please stop by the Student Senate meetings on Wednesdays at 5:30pm in the UC council room, and join us in fighting for every student’s voice. In addition, stop by the Student Senate office, which is upstairs at the UC and share your story, ideas, concerns, etc. with us anytime. If our office hours do not work for you, please email me at Kevion.Ellis@unco.edu and we will find a time that works. In addition, there are resources on and off campus for DACA students, which can be found here.

When you mess with one bear, you mess with all of us.

About Student Senate

Student Senate is a governing body dedicated to serving the students of UNC. It is composed of 22 members: 7 cabinet members and 15 college student council representatives (3 from each college at UNC). You can see more about the positions and how to contact your senate members on the Your Student Senate page.

Members of other areas of campus also sit on senate including representatives from the Resident Hall Association, Graduate Student Association, UNC Faculty, Professional Administration Staff Council, and Classified Staff Council.

Senate holds their meetings every other Wednesday at 5:30pm in the Council Room on the second floor of the University Center. These meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to attend!

Members of Student Senate hold a variety of responsibilities like being the students’ voice at Board of Trustee and Faculty Senate meetings, chartering student clubs, providing funding for students to attend conferences, assisting clubs and organizations with funding student programs, and representing student interests across campus.

If you are interested in speaking at a Student Senate Meeting, please email the Student Senate Administrative Assistant (Lindsay.Boyea@unco.edu) with the following information:

  • Name and Organization
  • Purpose of Visit
  • Any documents or presentation materials needed to be projected

We will send you a confirmation email shortly after we receive your email. Business meetings are every other Wednesday at 5:30p.m. In order to be on the Agenda, you must make sure to have your email sent in by 5:00p.m. the day prior.