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Meet Your Student LEAF Representatives

Costin McQueen

Costin Mcqueen



Costin is a Senior at UNC majoring in Earth and Atmospheric Science with an Emphasis in Environmental. Costin is Alaska native and a member of the Tlingit tribe.  Born and raised in Alaska he grew up with strong cultural ties to the land and an upbringing focused on environmental responsibility and resource management.  He also grew up fishing and hiking and exploring the great outdoors. In his free time Costin enjoys fishing, hiking, rock climbing, and studying Earth’s landscape.  This is his second year as President of Student LEAF and he could not be more excited about helping UNC become a more sustainable campus.

Vice President Stephanie Bechtel

Stephanie Bechtel

Vice President

My name is Stephanie Bechtel. I am a senior, my major is Environmental Sustainability with my main interest in urban farming.  I was a transfer student from Valencia State College in Orlando, Florida. I am a nontraditional student and have found the experience of returning to college invigorating and challenging.  My favorite things to do are cooking the food I grow in my garden, and spending time with some of the wonderful young people I have been impressed with since arriving at UNC.  I have spent the past year and few months working as a student employee at Parsons, facilities department for UNC on grounds crew, planting campus flower beds, and the cooler months in the recycling department processing the recycled cardboard from campus.

Katie Fletcher - Grant Coordinator

Katie Fletcher

Grant Coordinator


Katie is a senior majoring in Environmental Earth Sciences, with a minor in Environmental Sustainability Studies. Katie grew up in Colorado, and was camping and horseback riding from a young age. These experiences really shaped her love and appreciation for the natural world. Currently, Katie is working towards a career in Sustainability consulting in order to help businesses and corporations be both environmentally sustainable, and financially sustainable. This is her fourth year as Grant Coordinator on the committee, and she is thrilled to have been a part of LEAF throughout college!

Katie Dorman

Katie Doorman


Katie is a Senior majoring in Environmental Earth Science with a minor in Business. Katie gained her passion for science and the environment at a young age from her mother who is a high school science teacher and former park ranger. She loves to go camping and exploring with her twin sister in the mountains whenever she gets the chance! Katie is also a member of Student Honors Council and in the Upper Division Honors program. Her thesis project that has to do with monitoring the water quality and ecosystem health of the Poudre River. She hopes to work in water resource management someday.  Katie is very excited to begin working as Treasurer for LEAF this year and she hopes looks forward to helping make a positive impact on the UNC campus!

 Zak King - Secretary

Zak King



Zak is a junior majoring in Earth Science with an emphasis of secondary education. His biggest interests are astronomy and geology, and he hopes to become a professor in one of those fields. He was born and raised in a small town near Greeley, and from there he fell in love with the Front Range area. He became very interested in the environment and science during high school, and his passion for them has just grown stronger ever since. He thinks it is important to understand the world around us, and do as much as we can in order to make the planet a better place for all to live.

Trenton Boen

Trenton Boen

Public Relations

I am a 5th year student, and I have a double major in Psychology and Biology, oldest of three and I do not drink pop and love plants, but any who I care deeply about the environment and all she does for us so this lead me to Student LEAF as one of the
many organizations who brings education to students revolving around sustainability. I have a passion about sustainability and want to bring awareness to all about how to take care of our planet. I want to bring information to the students and the community
about sustainability and want to change a small part of UNC all at the same time

Marie Lee: Green Team Director

Marie Lee

Green Team Coordinator


Secondary Theatre Education Major, Environmental and Gender Studies  minors. 5th yr senior, 4th academic year with Green Team, and 2nd with LEAF. I enjoy attending the Performing and Visual Arts on campus and my favorite LEAF events include the educational awareness and engagement on campus; Earth week is one of them.  One of my many passions is the outdoors and nature; enjoying a day hiking or a weekend camping is my kind of 5-star hotel. There is importance in the environment physically and mentally; in combining my major and 2 minors I look forward to concentrating on Greening the Theatre, learning and educating about it, and maybe even write an environmental play.