Scholarship Information

Graduate students are able to continue their education with the help of graduate funds.

2007-2008 Stryker Scholarship Cohort with Ronda Stryker and Stryker Institute Staff

In addition to our multiple services, Stryker is dedicated to helping students foster and cultivate their leadership capability and educational attainment by providing financial support in the form of undergraduate and graduate scholarships.

Stryker scholarships are available to female non-traditional students who want to contribute their talents to their community and make a difference.

Scholarship Highlights:

  • Scholarships for undergraduates are renewable $5,000 per year and include a personal laptop computer with software.
  • Our graduate student scholarships are renewable $7,000 per year.

Stryker undergrads participate in leadership seminars as part of their scholarship requirements.Scholarship Requirements:

*Required projects include:

  • Attend bi-monthly leadership workshops
  • SIS mentoring two Saturdays per month in the Spring (returning scholars only)
  • One on ones with GAs twice per semester
  • Assist in facilitating workshops (returning scholars only)
  • Completing assigned reading and projects

*Applicant’s are notified of their acceptance into the Stryker Student Leader program before the next academic year.