Scholarship Application

 The Stryker Institute for Leadership Development's 2017-2018 academic year application opens January 1st, 2017 and is due June 1, 2017.

We encourage all students to complete the UNC Universal Scholarship Application by March 1st, priority deadline, for greater access to all scholarship opportunities.

Application Procedure

  • Log on to your UNC Ursa account, click the Financial tab at the top of the page and click on the link to the "Universal Scholarship Application".
  • On the Universal Scholarship Application you will need to select specific boxes in order to generate the Stryker Scholarship. 
    • Gender (female, transgender female)
    • Choose the following statements that apply to you: I am a member of an underrepresented group at UNC
  • The Stryker Application should generate in the "Our Opportunities" section, however, if it does not then you can do a search for "Stryker Institute for Leadership Development" to access it. 
  • Download the Stryker application and save it to your computer (otherwise it will upload your application blank). Complete the application then upload it to the Universal Scholarship along with your letter of recommendation.