Student Expectations

The liberal arts component of our program’s mission is to prepare a well educated citizenry able to contribute to a dynamic, diverse and global society. We expect our students to be fundamentally different in their knowledge, attitudes, and general perspectives than others who have not completed a course of higher education. While students may rightfully enjoy higher future expectations of societal status and rewards, they should also recognize these expectations also carry corresponding higher levels of individual and social responsibility.

Classroom Behavior

The core activity of the program’s faculty is instruction. It is the activity that is the heart of the teaching-learning process. Violations of norms regarding classroom behavior are therefore seen as serious threats to the core values encompassing the purpose and meaning of higher education. The Student Code of Conduct provides students with a discussion of student conduct expectations and academic expectations. The Sociology program has identified those expectations which are relevant to student behavior in Sociology classes.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who believe they need accommodations in a class are encouraged to contact the Disability Access Center—(970) 351-2289—as soon as possible to better ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. Student Conduct Expectations You may pick up a copy of the Statement on Student Conduct adopted by the Sociology program’s faculty in the main office.

Academic Appeals

Students may appeal any academic decision they consider arbitrary, capricious, or contrary to University policy through the University Academic Appeals process. This adjudication process should be rigorously followed to facilitate a fair and speedy resolution for all parties. All students are encouraged to refer to the Student Academic Concerns.

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Sociology is hiring work-study students for 2016-17. Applications can be emailed to or dropped off at our office. Please include a resume.

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