Angie Henderson

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Purdue University

Telephone: (970) 351-2195Angie Henderson


Office: Candelaria 2016

Dr. Henderson’s interests include Family, Gender, and Sociology of Sport.  She has authored several articles in national and international journals on perceptions of female athletes and issues facing women in sport administration, as well as issues facing women in their roles as mothers.  Her most recent work focuses on mothers’ Foucauldian surveillance of themselves and other moms, as well as the effects of such behavior on well-being.  Dr. Henderson is also the Coordinator of the Teaching Assistant Program in the Sociology Department.


  • SOC 100 Principles of Sociology
  • SOC 120 Introduction to Family Studies
  • SOC 237 Sociology of Minorities
  • SOC 247 Social Deviance
  • SOC 295 Contemporary Social Issues
  • SOC 471 Sociology of Aging
  • SOC 379 Urban Sociology/The Community
  • SOC 395 Sociology of Sport


  • Family
  • Gender
  • Sport
  • Aging

PUBLICATIONS (click here)



  • Member, Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society
  • Member, American Sociological Association.
  • Member, Gerontological Society of America.
  • Member, Southwestern Social Science Association.
  • Member, Pacific Sociological Association.


  • 2011-2012 Nominated for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2010-2011  Named Outstanding Professor, Delta Zeta Sorority, University of Northern Colorado.
  • 2010-2011  Named Faculty Member of the Game, Women’s Basketball (Nominated by Brittany Fernandez), University of Northern Colorado.
  • 2010-2011  Named Outstanding Faculty, Nominated by First Year Scholar Jake Neel.
  • 2008-2009  Named “Most Inspiring Faculty Woman” at the University of Northern Colorado.
  • 2005-2006  Named Outstanding Faculty, Texas Tech University College of Arts & Sciences.


  • Henderson, Angela C. Summer 2010. "What's Sport Got to Do With It? Using Role Congruity to Examine Race, Gender and Sport of Job Applicants." $4,500. Funded Research Assistant Matt Gasser (2010 UNC Graduate)
  • Henderson, Angela C. Summer 2009. "Getting Students Past Ideologies: Using Heterosexist Guided Imagery in the Classroom." Summer Graduate Research Assistant, University of Northern Colorado Graduate School, $1,937. Funded Research Assistant Dustin Gentis (2009 UNC Graduate)
  • Henderson, Angela C. 2009-2010. Research Development Award. University of Northern Colorado Sponsored Programs and Academic Research Center, (SPARC). $5,000. Funded Research Assistant Meaghan Edison and Sandra M Harmon (2009 & 2011 UNC Graduates).
  • Henderson, Angela C. 2008-2009 Academic Year, "An Examination of Modern Motherhood." Research Enhancement Award Program, University of Northern Colorado Sponsored Programs and Academic Research Center (SPARC). $6.372. Funded Research Assistant Sandra M Harmon (2009 UNC Graduate).
  • Henderson, Angela C. Summer 2008, "Women As Potential Managers: Who Uses Role Congruity in Their Evaluations?" Summer Graduate Research Assistant, University of Northern Colorado Graduate School, $3,873. Funded Research Assistant Sarah Wyscaver (2008 UNC Graduate).
  • Henderson, Angela C. 2008. "An Examination of Modern Motherhood: The Effects of Surveilling Ourselves and Other Moms on Psychological Well-Being." Research Enhancement Award Program. $23,110.66 - not funded.
  • Jennifer Murdock and Angela C. Henderson. 2011. "Athletes and Resiliency: Supporting Retention and Academic Success." Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. $25,000 - not funded.
  • Henderson, Angela C. 2010. "What's Sport Got To Do With It? Using Role Congruity Theory to Identify the Interaction of Race, Gender, and Sport on the Job Application Process for Student Athletes." National Collegiate Athlete Association. $6,732 - not funded.
  • Henderson, Angela C. 2008. "A Foucauldian Analysis of Modern Motherhood." American Association of University Women. Short-Term Research Publication Grant. $6,000 - not funded.


  • Western Association of Graduate Schools Outstanding Thesis Reviewer, 2011-present.
  • Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, 2008-present
  • Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences, Fall 2005-present
  • Gerontological Society of America's Social Research, Policy and Practice section, 2003-present
  • Sage Publications, theory text reviewer, January 2010-present
  • Sage Publications, deviance text reviewer, January 2011-present


  • Guest Speaker, Dr. Silvia Canetto's PSY 600H, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO September 2010
  • Keynote Speaker, More Than Moms Conference. "Balancing Multiple Roles: Mother, Partner, and Self." August and October, 2008
  • Faculty Presenter, One Day University, Downtown Greeley Arts Picnic. "The Mommy Wars: Myth or Reality?" July 2008
  • Expert Panelist, University of Northern Colorado Health Care Reform Panel, Fall 2007


  • Guest Speaker, UNC School of Nursing Clinical Conference, November 15, 2011. "Horizontal Violence in Nursing: Preventative Measures."
  • Sociology Search Committee, 2008-2009 & 2011-2012
  • Criminal Justice Search Committee, 2011-2012. Invited by Dr. Phil Reichel for Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Search.
  • Faculty Advisor, Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honors Society, August 2011-present
  • Member, Institutional Review Board, August 2011-present
  • Lecturer, Preview Days, April 2011-present. Humanities and Social Sciences. "What's Sociology Got to Do With It?
  • Guest Speaker, APCE 703, September 2010. "Building Relationships with Faculty During Your Graduate Career."
  • Participant in UNC New Billboard Photo Shoot, September 2010
  • Speaker, New Graduate Student Orientation, August 2010 & August 2011. "Getting Involved as a Graduate Student" and "How to Teach Large Sections of Introductory Courses."
  • Member, Men Against Violence Organizing Committee, December 2010-present
  • Faculty Panelist & Discussion Facilitator, Women's Appreciation Week, March 2010
  • Member, Office of Sponsored Programs Director Search Committee, 2009
  • Faculty Presenter, Family and Friends Weekend, Fall 2008
  • Member, Gerontology Program Steering Committee, Fall 2008
  • Faculty Panelist, Faculty Connections, New Student Orientation Weekend, Summer 2008
  • Faculty Mentor, McNair Scholar Program, University of Northern Colorado, 2007-present.
    • Student: Ashley Knobbs. "An Examination of New Momism Among Mothers of Children Aged 0-5." 2008-2009 Academic Year
    • Student: Sandra M Harmon. "Self Mastery and Life Satisfaction of Adult Children of Depressed Mothers: A Longitudinal Study." 2007-2008 Academic Year
  • Athletic Department Liaison, Sociology Program, University of Northern Colorado, 2007-present
  • Member, Academic Appeals Committee, University of Northern Colorado 2007-2008
  • Member, S.A.F.E. Committee, University of Northern Colorado 2007-present
  • Coordinator, Graduate Teaching Assistant Program, Sociology, University of Northern Colorado, 2007-present
  • Member, Graduate Council, University of Northern Colorado, 2008-present
    • Standards Committee, September-present
  • Faculty Advisor, Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honors Society, Texas Tech University, 2006-2007



Doctoral Students

  • Brenda Bumgardner, PhD. candidate in Sport and Exercise Science. "Homophobia in Sport: An Analysis of Female Head Coaches." Faculty Representative.
  • Sunda Tebockhorst, PhD. candidate in Applied Psychology and Counselor Education. "An Analysis of Sexual Assault Victims and the Freeze Response: Validating Biological Nonresponse." Faculty Representative.
  • Heather Muir, Ph.D. candidate in Sport and Exercise Science. Graduated 2011. "An Analysis of the 2010 Olympic Hockey Games: Is there a Gender Difference?" Faculty Representative.

Master's Students


Committee Chair

  • Nicole Cove, Sociology. "Helicopter Parenting: Does Daddy's LIttle Girl Experience More Hovering?
  • Mark Shuey, Sociology. "The Feminine Apologetic: An Analysis of Division 1 Female Athlete's Performance of Femininity."
  • Mary Jones, Sociology. "Does Hovering Cause Narcissism?: How College Students' Parents Impede Their Children's Development of Self."
  • Jeannie Douglas, Sociology. "Barriers Between Female Athletes and Their Coaches: A Study of Role Congruity Theory and Role Identity Salience."
  • James Zapp, Sociology. "Analyzing At-Risk Student Athletes Using Cooley's Looking Glass Self: What Predicts Academic Success?"
  • Meaghan Edison, Sociology. "Instructor Evaluation: Legitimate Stance on Gender Instruction." Committee Chair 2010-2011
  • Winston Pappas, Sociology. "A Theoretical Analysis of Mercy Bias in Youth Hockey." Committee Member 2010-2011
  • Samta Soneja, Sociology. "An Analysis of Gendered Norms in the Middle Eastern Family." Committee Member 2010-2011
  • Ashley E Connor, Sociology. "Assessing Students' Critical Thinking Abilities in the Sociology Classroom: Which Format Works Better?" Committee Chair 2009-2010
  • Dustin Gentis, Sociology. "Getting Students Past Ideologies Using Heterosexist Guided Imagery." Committee Chair 2009-2010
  • Tasha Van Marter, Sociology. "A Content Analysis of Human Trafficking." Committee Member 2009-2010
  • Elizabeth Osborn, Sociology. "An Examination of Modern Motherhood: Sources of New Momism." Committee Chair 2008-2009
  • Pepper Mueller, Sociology. "Variation in Attitudes for Visible and Invisible


  • Andrew Quinn, 2011. Annual Meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association, Seattle, WA AND 2011 UNC Research Day. "Rationalization and Iron Cage: A Critique of Students' Perceptions of Higher Education."
  • Mark Shuey. 2011 UNC Research Day. "Native American Sports Mascots: A Symbol of Honor or a Form of Covert Racism?"
  • Conner, Ashley. 2010. "Assessing Students' Critical Thinking Abilities in the Sociology Classroom: Which Format Works Better?"
  • Gasser, Matt. 2010. UNC Research Day. "Does Collegiate Athlete Participation Help or Harm Job Applicants? Using Role Congruity Theory to Examine Racial Differences in Hiring Processes."
  • Gentis, Dustin. 2010. UNC Research Day. "Getting Students Past Ideologies Using Heterosexist Guided Imagery."


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