Josh Packard

Assistant ProfessorJosh Packard

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Telephone: (970) 351-2374

Office: Candelaria 2024

Josh Packard's area of research and teaching-sociology of health, religion, and education-are tied together with theoretical interests in communities and inequality. He has an active and applied research agenda relying on university-community partnerships. He strives for projects which are as relevant for local contexts and students as they are for the larger discipline. In the course of his research he utilizes a variety of research methods visual methodologies and participatory action research along with more conventional qualitative and quantitative techniques.


  • Introductory Sociology
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Social Problems
  • Race and Ethnic Relations
  • Research Methods I and II
  • Sociology of Public Health
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Public Health
  • The Community
  • Minorities


  • Research Methods
  • Community Health
  • Applied Sociology
  • Sociology of Health
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Sociology of Education
  • Organizations
  • Race and Ethnicity


  • Packard, Josh. 2012. The Emerging Church: Religion at the Margins. Boulder, CO: Lynne-Reinner/First Forum Press.
    • Contemporary Sociology. 2012. 41:841-843
    • Sociology of Religion. 2013. 74: 130-132
    • Journal of Contemporary Religion. 2013. 28:544-546
    • Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. 2013. 52:619-650
    • American Journal of Sociology. 2013. 119:886-888
    • Critical Sociology (forthcoming in 2014)
    • Implicit Religion (forthcoming in 2014)


  • Packard, Josh. 2014. "The Emerging Church in an International Context." in The Brill Handbook of Contemporary Christianity: Movements, Institutions & Allegiance edited by Stephan Dalton. Boston, MA: Brill. Solicited and peer reviewed.
  • Packard, Josh and George Sanders. 2013. "The Emerging Church as Corporalization's Line of Flight." Journal of Contemporary Religion, 28(3): 437-455.
  • Packard, Josh. 2013. "The Impact of Racial Diversity in the Classroom: Activating the Sociological Imagination." Teaching Sociology. 41(2): 144-158. *Requested podcast interview from SAGE publications based on article. 04/13
  • Packard, Josh, Lindsey Callaway*, Chris Dorris*, and Emily Suhr*. 2013. "Social ties, Disorder and Distress: A Qualitative Examination Of The Protective Effects of Social Capital in Neighborhoods." International and Multidisciplinary Journal of the Social Sciences. 2(1).
  • Carlston, David, Ahmed Mattar and Josh Packard (authors contributed equally). 2012. "Exploratory Analysis of Patients' Motivations to Quit Smoking and Participate in Smoking Cessation Classes." Family Medicine. 44(10):727-730.
  • Pitt, Richard and Josh Packard. 2012. "Activating Diversity: The Impact of Student Race on Contributions to Course Discussions. The Sociological Quarterly. 53(2):295-320 *Cited in Amicus Brief 11-345 in support of ABIGAIL FISHER V UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN, ET AL. United States Court of Appeals 5th Circuit. * Profiled in The Society Pages 04/11/12.
  • Packard, Josh 2011. "Resisting Institutionalization: Religious Professionals in the Emerging Church." Sociological Inquiry. 81(1):3-33. [Lead Article]
  • Pitt, Richard and Josh Packard. 2010. "Someone Else's Shoes: Stakeholder Debates as a Means of Engaging Student Learning of Complex Social Problems." Teaching Sociology. 38(3):215-225.
  • Packard, Josh. 2009 "Running Off-Tackle Through the Last Bastion: Women and Professional Football." Sociological Spectrum. 29(3):321-345. [Lead Article]
  • Packard, Josh. 2008. "'I'm Gonna Show You What It's Really Like Out Here': The Power and Limitations of Participatory Visual Methods." Visual Studies. 23(1):63-77.


  • Packard, Josh. Forthcoming. Review of "The Deconstructed Church: Understanding Emerging Christianity." By Gerardo Marti and Gladys Ganiel. Sociology of Religion.
  • Packard, Josh. 2014. "Religion and Education" Chapter 11 in Introduction to Sociology: A Collaborative Approach edited by Brenton Roncance. 4th ed. Boise, Idaho: Ashbury Publishing. Contributions for 2nd, 3rd, 4th editions.
  • Packard, Josh. 2014. Review of "HIV is God's Blessing': Rehabilitating Morality in Neoliberal Russia." By Jarrett Zigon. Critical Sociology. 40:314-315.
  • Packard, Josh. 2013. Review of "What Motivates Cultural Progressives: Understanding Opposition to the Political and Christian Right." By George Yancey and David Williamson. Sociology of Religion. Advance Access.
  • Packard, Josh and Harmony Newman. (2011). Instructor's Resource Manual to Accompany Social Problems: Readings with Four Questions by Joel Charon and Lee Vigilant. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth
  • Packard, Josh. 2011. "Good Neighbors Make Good Fences: A Report on the Grant Gil Neighborhood in Wichita Falls, TX." Report provided to Habitat for Humanity-Wichita Falls.
  • Packard, Josh. 2008. "The Emerging Church: Research Summary." Report provided to Emergent Village, research participants and other outlets.


AY 2012-2013

  • Greeley Experience Survey (Report) - $247.25
  • UNC Logo Survey and Focus Group (Report) - $1,921
  • UNC Alumni Survey, Wave 1 and 2 - $3,383

AY 2013-2014

  • Education Summit Data Analysis (Report) - $200
  • Education Summit Follow Up Survey (Report) - $400
  • City of Greeley Department of Culture Parks and Recreation Youth Needs Assessment (Report*) - $19,247
  • University Schools Director Evaluation (Report coauthor*) - $200
  • University Schools Administrators Evaluation (Report coauthor*) - $600
  • UNC Alumni Survey - $1,900


  • Packard, Josh. 2013. "What is 'Emerging'? A Workshop on Conceptualizing Social and Religious Change in Post-Boomer America." Invited. Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. Boston, MA
  • Packard, Josh and Ashleigh Hope*
  • Packard, Josh. 2011. "The Role of Religious Professionals in the Emerging Church." Seminary of the Southwest. Austin, TX. Invited Workshop.
  • Packard, Josh. 2011. "Religion at the Margins." Seminary of the Southwest. Austin, TX. Invited presentation.
  • Packard, Josh. 2011. "How Does Student Race Impact Public and Private Contributions in the Classroom." Midwestern State University Faculty Forum. Wichita Falls, TX.
  • Packard, Josh. 2011. "Good Neighbors Make Good Fences: The Effect of Social Capital on Neighborhood Disorder." Annual Meeting of the Southern Sociological Society. New Orleans, LA. Panel Presentation.
  • Diekhoff, George, Josh Packard, and David Carlston. 2011. "Survey of Talent Management Practices in American Higher Education." Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Psychological Association. San Antonio, TX. Poster Presentation.
  • Packard, Josh. 2009. "Redefining Productivity: Transitioning from a Research-Based Graduate School to a Small or Community College." Annual Meeting of the Southern Sociological Society. New Orleans, LA. Panel Presentation.
  • Packard, Josh. 2007. "All Things to All People: Resistant Organizations and Authority." Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association. New York, NY. Roundtable Session.
  • Packard, Josh. 2007. "I'm Going to Show You What It's Really Like Out Here: The Power and Limitations of Participatory Visual Methods." Annual Meeting of the Southern Sociological Society, Atlanta, GA. Paper Presentation.
  • Packard, Josh. 2005. "Women and Contact Sports: The Case of Female Football Players." Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association. Philadelphia, PA. Panel Presentation.


  • 2011: Co-PI. North Texas Area United Way and Priddy Foundation. "School Readiness Systems Change." $1,346,778.46.
  • 2011: PI. Midwestern State University Faculty Research Grant "Good Neighbors Make Good Fences." $5,000
  • 2010: PI Midwestern State University College Research Grant "Good Neighbors Make Good Fences." pilot project. $670
  • 2007: Center for Study of Religion and Culture Summer Fellowship. $4,000.
  • 2007: Pedagogy of the Difficult: Teaching the Hard Stuff Workshop. $500
  • 2007: Vanderbilt University Center for Ethnics Dissertation Fellowship. $1,000
  • 2006: Vanderbilt College of Arts and Sciences Summer Research Grant. $4,000
  • 2006: Dept. Grant: Homelessness Identity. $300
  • 2003-2008: Teaching Assistantship Vanderbilt University. $14,500/year.


  • Summer Fellow: Center for the Study of Religion and Culture. Vanderbilt University. 2007
  • Outstanding Graduate Instructor. Vanderbilt University. Department of Sociology. 2006
  • Graduate Research Affiliate. CURB Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy at Vanderbilt University. 2005


  • Research Assistant: Dr. Steven Tepper, Department of Sociology and CURB Center for the Humanities, Vanderbilt Universities. 2005
  • Research Assistant: Dr. Richard Pitt, Department of Sociology, Vanderbilt University. 2003


  • Author. Test Bank for Sociology in a Changing World by William Kornblum, 9th ed.
  • Reviewer. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Sociological Spectrum, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, AREA: Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, Ecological Health, W.W. Norton, Pearson Education, Sage Publications.
  • Assistant Editor. Work & Occupations: An International Sociological Journal. 2006-2007
  • Member, American Sociological Association, 2002-present.
  • Member, Southern Sociological Society, 2002-present.
  • Member, Southwestern Psychological Association, 2010-present.


  • Faculty Advisor-Student M.A.P. (Medical Assistant Program). A student organization designed to conduct health related research and assess student need for intervention.
  • Member - Libra Lecture Series Committee: 2011-present
  • Faculty Advisor - Alpha Kappa Delta (International Sociology Honor Society): 2010-present
  • Member-Ad Hoc Committee for Developing Online Evaluations: 2010-2011
  • Member - Speakers and Issues Committee: 2010-2012
  • Member-College Research and Development Committee: 2009-present.
  • Chair - Who's Who Among College Students University Committee: 2008-present


  • Research Report presented to Habitat for Humanity-Wichita Falls-2011
  • Board Member-Taft Counseling Center: 2009-present
  • Facilitator for Health Department standards assessment: 2009
  • Official Photographer for Komen Dallas Race for the Cure: 2008-2009


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