Kyle Anne Nelson


Under Juried Review

  • Nelson, Kyle Anne and Michel Infante. 2013. "Integrating the best of both worlds: Details from Mexican-origin college students about their bicultural identities and adjustment experiences." Under Review by International and Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Sciences (RIMCIS)
  • Nelson, Kyle Anne, Christine Marston, and Michelle Behr (co-authors). 2011. "Bridge to Graduation: Evaluation of a High School Dropout Prevention Program for Latino Males." Under review by Journal for the Education of Students Placed at Risk (JESPAR).

Review and Resubmit

  • Nelson, Kyle Anne and Christine Marston (co-authors). 2013. "Incorporating Service Learners in Community Engaged Research: Experiential Application of Social Science Perspectives and Research Methods." Under Review by The Journal of Educational Research and Innovation.


  • Nelson, Kyle Anne, 2013. "Does residential segregation help or hurt? Exploring differences in the relationship between segregration and health among U.S. Hispanics by nativity and ethnic subgroup." The Social Sciences Journal, 50(4), 646-657.
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  • Yuh, Jongil, Kathleen Maloy, Kyle Anne Kenney, and David Reiss. 2006. “General Psychiatrists and their Patients’ Children: Assessment and Prevention.” Psychiatric Quarterly, 77(2): 97-118


  • Henderson, Angie and Kyle Anne Nelson. 2013. "Connecting Classroom to Community: UNC Professors Help Local Agencies Serve Refugess." Teaching/Learning Matters, 42(2), 4-5.
  • Nelson, Kyle Anne, Christine Marston, and Michelle Behr (co-authors). 2011. "Greeley Central High School Student Recovery Program (SRP) Program Evaluation.
  • Kenney, Kyle Anne, Sarah Blake, Kathleen Maloy, Usha Ranji and Alina Salganicoff. 2004. “Hearing Their Voices. Lessons from the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act. Focus Group Findings from California.” Report Prepared for The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • Maloy, Kathleen, Kyle Anne Kenney, Sarah Blake, and Michelle Proser. 2003. “State Implementation of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act of 2000. Findings from 16 States.” Report prepared for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • Maloy, Kathleen, Kyle Anne Kenney, Julie Darnell, and Soeurette Cyprien. 2002. “Can Medicaid Work for Working Families?” Data book and report prepared for the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • Kenney, Kyle Anne and Kathleen Maloy. 2000. “Immigrants Speak Out About Their Experiences Accessing Medicaid and Health Care
    Services­.” Report prepared for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
  • Maloy, Kathleen, Julie Darnell, Lea Nolan, Kyle Anne Kenney, and Soeurette Cyprien. 2000. “Effects of the 1996 Welfare and Immigration Reform Laws on the Ability and Willingness of Immigrants to Access Medicaid and Health Care Services.” Report prepared for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
  • Kenney, Kyle Anne, Kathleen Maloy, and Barbara Kreling. 1999. “Experiences of HIV-Infected Beneficiaries in the Move to Mandatory Medicaid Managed Care in Three States.” Report prepared for the HIV/AIDS Bureau of the Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


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