Hedy Red Dexter



Book Chapters

  • Dexter, Hedy Red.  1995.  "Does the Unequal Application of Legal Defenses Reflect Sexism in the Law?," in Ray Bull and David Carson (editors), Handbook of Psychology in Legal Contexts, London: Wiley.


  • Dexter, Hedy Red.  1999.  "Bible Devotionals Justify Traditional Gender Roles: A Political Agenda That Affects Public Policy," Social Justice, 26:99-114.
  • Dexter, Hedy Red, Steven Penrod, Daniel Linz, and Daniel Saunders.  1998.  "Attributing Responsibility to Female Victims after Exposure to Sexually Violent Films: The Effects of Victim-Observer Similarity, Situational Relevance and Mass Media Induced Emotional Arousal," Journal of Applied Social Psychology.
  • Otto, Amy, Steven Penrod, and Hedy Red Dexter.  1994.  "The Biasing Impact of Pretrial Publicity on Juror Judgments," Law and Human Behavior, 18:453-463.
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  • Cutler, Brian, Hedy Red Dexter, and Steven Penrod.  1990.  "Nonadversarial Methods for Improving Juror Sensitivity to Eyewitness Evidence," Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 20:1197-1207.
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  • Cutler, Brian, Steven Penrod, and Hedy Red Dexter.  1989.  "The Eyewitness, the Expert Psychologist, and the Jury," Law and Human Behavior, 13:311-332.
  • Shaver, Kelly and Hedy Red Dexter.  1985.  "Personality and Social psychology at NIMH: A Brief Guide for Investigators.  Contemporary Social Psychology, 11:53-57.


Dexter, Hedy Red.  1996.  "Mothers Who Fail to Protect Their Children from Sexual Abuse: Addressing the Problem of Denial," Expert Evidence, 1:31.


    Dexter, Hedy Red.  2006.  “Using Made-for-TV Films to Blame Victims: Sociological Bias Creates Problems for Women in Legal Contexts,” Journal of Popular Culture.

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