Angie Henderson



**denotes co-authored work with UNC current or former students**

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Conference Proceedings/Abstracts

  • Grappendorf, Heidi, Burton, Laura J., and Angela C. Henderson. 2007 "Salary Recommendations for Athletes vs. Non-Athletes Utilizing Role Congruity Theory." Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 78(1).

Under Review

  • Harmon, Sandra M** and Angela C. Henderson. "Self-mastery of Adult Children with Depressed Mothers: A Longitudinal Study." Submitted to The Journal of Child and Family Studies.
  • Cline, Krista M.C., Angela C. Henderson, Sandra M. Harmon** and Jessica Decker. "I Want to Eat, But I Can't: A Qualitative Analysis of Pregnant Women and Their Surveillance of Weight Gain During Pregnancy." Submitted to Qualitative Sociology.

In Progress

  • Sandra M. Harmon** & Angela C. Henderson. "The Price We Pay for Being the 'Perfect' Mother: Psychosocial Outcomes of New Momism."
  • Laura J. Burton, Heidi Grappendorf, Angela C. Henderson. "Sport Management Subroles: Sex Discrimination in the Workplace."
  • Angela C. Henderson, Heidi Grappendorf, and Laura J. Burton. "The Beauty is Good Versus Beauty is Beastly Phenomena: A Qualitative Analysis of Perceptions of Female Collegiate Athletes."
  • Grappendorf, H., Angela C. Henderson, Burton, L. & Kelly, K. "The Female/Athlete Paradox? Perceptions of Female Athletes Utilizing Role Congruity Theory."