The main goal of the Sociology Internship is to provide work experience that complements the theory-based academic program which will help the student identify future career paths, improve career skills, and develop a network of career professionals and mentors.

The internship provides students with a supervised field experience in a social agency or organization. The student is responsible for securing placement prior to course enrollment. Credit can be earned only for work completed during the semester in which the student is enrolled in the course. Read our Internship Spotlight to find out about an intern's experience!

Undergraduate Internships

Graduate Internships


There are many organizations available for internship. Below are some suggestions. If there is a place you are interested in that is not listed, please consult Dr. Kyle Nelson for approval:

Assault Victims Internships

Disability Internships

Elderly Internships

Family Planning Internships

Gangs/Cult/Hate Group Internships

Government Internships

Homeless Internships

Medical Field Internships

Other Internships

Suicide Prevention Internships

Women/Children/Family Internships


The Colorado Nonprofit Association also has internship opportunities listed on their site: Colorado Nonprofit Association.

If you have an internship opportunity you would like to post here, please contact the Sociology Department at 970-351-2315 or


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Summer 2015 is in the works - stay tuned for more information.

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The Dechurched Project

In recent years many people have left organized religion because of issues with the institutional nature of mainstream religious structures.  In this project, we are looking for stories to help us understand how institutional religion in the United States is creating its own discontents. For more information: The Dechurched Project.

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