Kara Murray

Kara Murray, a UNC Sociology alumni, completed her internship with A Woman’s Place in the summer of 2011.  A Woman’s Place is the only agency in Weld County which handles domestic violence services.  We talked with Kara about her internship experience and she stated, “Best thing about the internship was interacting with clients and their children.”

Kara Murray

Murray feels that doing the internship was much more personal and emotional (from interacting with the clients) than reading a textbook.  In classes you read about statistics, but in the internship you get to actually experience those statistics.  For example, statistics say an abused woman will return to her abusive domestic partner five to nine times.  She actually witnessed this cycle of violence while she was interning.  Witnessing these situations affects someone to a lot higher degree than reading about it in books. 

While attending classes at Aims, Murray took her first Sociology class with a friend.  She discovered studying people, and how they interacted, to be quite interesting and was able to relate what she was studying to people.

When asked what advice she had for students going into an internship, Kara replied “Definitely be proactive. You need to ask if you can do other things”, such as for herself she asked if she could go to court.  “Otherwise, you may not be able to truly experience the internship.  Push everyone and yourself to get as much as you can out of it.  You are spending a lot of time doing this, make it rewarding.” 

For her future, Murray has thought about social work, but she is still undecided.  When working at an agency like A Woman’s Place, “when you do help them it’s the most rewarding thing ever.”  She wants to work in an agency such as this, where she can help.

Right now Kara is finishing up classes. She has one more class to take which will finish her undergraduate degree.  She majored in Sociology: Family Studies emphasis with a minor in Art and Design. Murray is currently in pursuit of finding a job in Greeley. She is mostly interested in nonprofits and other organizations that focus their attention on helping children and families in need.  Kara is waiting to hear back from one interview. At the same time, she has been in contact with the UNC Graduate School and is considering furthering her degree.

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