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We know, we know — Snapchat is all about quick memories that disappear with a tap. But at UNC, we have a great team of Snapchat ambassadors and global correspondents, and we couldn’t quite bear to part with their stories. So here they are. On this page, you can tour residence halls, attend local concerts, see social activism at UNC and more. Dive in — and don’t forget to snap us back!


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Meet your Snapchatters

Amanda Andrews

Amanda Andrews

Hey all! I am a journalism major here at UNC, with an emphasis in news and multimedia. I spend my free time putting off all my homework. When I'm not putting off my homework I'm probably at track practice. I do the 100 hurdles here for the UNC Track team. When I'm not doing either of those things I serve as the Historian for Black Women of Today. Which is a fancy title to say I document events for the club. I love reading books and listening to music. If you ever need someone to geek out with you over indie bands, I'm your girl. I'm originally from Texas, but I live in Aurora, Colorado. I've got 2 siblings and 2 dogs. Feel free to say hi if you see me power walking across campus.

JayJay Porcadilla

JayJay Porcadilla

Hey everyone! My name is JayJay Porcadilla. I am from Colorado Springs Colorado, love representing the southern part of Colorado. And, no that doesn’t mean I have an accent Lol. I am the Community Council President of South Hall. I am also apart of Delta Sigma Pi a professional Fraternity here on campus. Currently a sophomore at UNC. I am working on getting my Bachelors in Software Engineering with a minor in Environmental Science and Sustainability, so that I can use technology to maybe save the world (that’s the simple short answer). UNC is my perfect cup of tea because of its beauty; Greeley Colorado has the best weather where we can have four seasons in a single day! As well as the amazing atmosphere that UNC has to offer with the community, size, and KLAWZ! I am excited for this year and cannot wait to see what comes my way! Let’s GO Bears!

Kevion Ellis

Kevion Ellis

I am a junior double-major in International Affairs & International Economics with a minor in Africana Studies. I chose UNC after studying a year at a school in Texas because I heard about the great business school here. I eventually changed my major, but I loved the campus and people so much I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I joined the social media team because I want potential Students to see that by becoming a Bear, you're not just becoming another number.


Macy Jordhal

Macy Jordhal 

I am a special education major from Yoder Colorado, a small town consisting of a school and a post office. On campus, I am involved in Best Buddies, SCEC (The Student Council for Exceptional Children), and my hall’s community council. In my free time, I love to volunteer and draw portrait images. I plan on completing my degree, so that I can become a special education teacher, and hope to one day complete art school as well. I picked UNC for their strength in programs, size, and sense of community. I always find it nice when you can see familiar faces, yet easily meet new people.

Natalie Tanner

Natalie Tanner

My name is Natalie Tanner. I am 21 years old and a junior at UNC. I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Human Services. I am the Senior Resident Assistant of North Hall and I am a Social Media Ambassador for UNC. I am also member of Psi Chi and NRHH. For my first two years at UNC I ran a radio show called Save the Air. My goals are to graduate, go to grad school, and become a therapist.

Olivia Ellison

Olivia Ellison 

Hi my name is Olivia I’m a junior and a double major in Athletic Training and Exercise science. I'm from Camarillo, California. I transferred here from Florida Gulf Coast University and couldn't be happier! I work with all of our D1 sports teams, participate in FCA and love being a bear!


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