SMRI Analysis


  • Researchers are graduate students whose coursework follows the guidelines set for the preparation of students in sport management by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education and the North American Society for Sport Management.
  • Background and education in research results in highly qualified student researchers.
  • SMRI Board of Directors consists of faculty with extensive sport research experience that are widely respected internationally.
  • Ability to provide high-quality service at low cost due to low overhead.
  • Serves philanthropic interests of companies that want to support education.
  • Experience with national sport organizations.


  • Sport industry is enjoying a high growth rate.
  • Only sport specific research institute in Colorado.
  • Numerous Olympic, collegiate and professional sport organizations in Colorado.
  • Access to alumni practitioners in many sport organizations.
  • Little competition from other educational institutions.
  • Referral opportunities from existing contacts.
  • Fund raising assistance from UNC Research Corporation.