Student Health Insurance Plan Cost and Effective Date

Student Only
Spring Semester 2016
Fall Semeser 2016
Summer Only 2016

NOTES: Please note when calculating total premium, the cost for student, spouse, child(ren), and spouse & child(ren) is listed individually. When selecting coverage for yourself or for yourself and Dependents, please select the correct premium amounts to add together for payment.

Payment of Spring Semester premium automatically includes coverage for Summer Session.

The student semester cost includes an administrative fee retained by the University.

Effective Dates

  • Spring Semester 2016 - 1/1/2016 - 08/16/16 12:00 am
  • Fall Semester 2016 - 08/17/16 12:00 am - 12/31/2016 12:00 am
  • Summer Session 2016 Only - 05/16/16 - 08/16/16 12:00 am

    (The premium for summer only coverage will not be automatic. If you wish to have summer coverage, please call 970-351-1915 to be enrolled for summer only. Note: if you are covered in the spring your coverage will continue through the summer even if you are not taking summer classes).

Coverage will be effective 24 hours-a-day, including vacation periods. Students will be insured at home, at school, or while traveling anywhere in the world. This includes vacation periods during the period covered by the semester premium.